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  • Akeeile Harris

The Weekly Roundup: Valiant, Alkaline, and 7 Other New Singles

Valiant delivers a clear message, while Pablo YG, Nhance, and Bugle send exceptional melodies, and Alkaline captivates the ladies. Who else has secured a spot on our list?

L-R: Alkaline, Pablo YG, Valiant, Bugle (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil, Tejano Taylor, Jamar Cleary)

Another week filled with emerging talents, established artists, exciting collaborations, and, most importantly, the exchange of messages and melodies. From the prevalent 'Choppa lifestyle' to captivating singles for the ladies, this is our weekly review.

Valiant – ‘Beer & Salt’ Valiant has revealed his latest single, where he demonstrates his lyrical prowess while confronting recent challenges. Speculation arose that he may have taken a shot at the dancehall artist Teejay, as he used the line 'Mac them a link when they cya find a hit song,' a reference to the dispute between the emerging producer and the dancehall artiste earlier this year. Additionally, he addressed other recent incidents and rumors, such as an underwhelming performance in front of a demanding Miami audience and the possibility of his popular single, "Mad Out," being blocked from Jamaican airwaves. This release propelled him back to the top of the Jamaican YouTube charts.

Najeeriii – ‘Stylez’ Najeeriii's swift rise remains unabated as he resurfaces with another captivating single. His distinctive flow & style, coupled with his brilliant rhyming choices, reaffirms his status as an exceptional talent. The song adeptly blends a seductive message for the ladies while solidifying his image as an ascending star in the making.

Demarco Ft. Nhance – ‘Changes’ DeMarco and the emerging talent Nhance are trading remarkable melodies that vividly portray the transformations on their journey to a life of prosperity, as depicted in the video. Nhance undeniably showcases exceptional melodic prowess, and alongside Demarco, it serves as further evidence that he is once again in top lyrical form this year.

Pablo YG – ‘Pain Inna Melody’ Pablo YG continues to refine his skills as he wholeheartedly embraces his unique flow, using melody to release his inner pain. This emerging North Coast talent not only displays maturity but also triumphs over his own pain, gradually establishing himself as a stable presence in the dancehall space.

Nation Boss, Geo Lyrical – ‘When’ In a harmonious collaboration brimming with melodies, two youthful artists, Nation Boss and the emerging talent Geo Lyrical, employ their outstanding lyrical abilities in a new joint single. Together, they emphasize the importance of being cautious with trust, except among close friends, as they share melodious verses. The accompanying video enhances the single with a vivid and brilliant dimension.

Bugle, Spragga Benz – ‘Hypocrite Love’ Consistently staying true to themselves, Bugle collaborates with the seasoned deejay Spragga Benz on a single that unapologetically rejects hypocritical love. Their partnership seamlessly blends a clear and uplifting message, infused with the perfect dose of high-grade energy.

Skippa – ‘Pay Me Twice’ Embracing the widely popular 'choppa lifestyle,' Skippa, one of this year's standout talents, delivers another viral single where he skillfully blends his trappy flow. Within the track, he cleverly incorporates references to fraud while requesting double payment.

Alkaline – ‘Iz You’ Alkaline reaffirms his prowess in wooing the ladies through his latest single. With his distinctive flow, he captivates the female audience, skillfully deploying his lyrical talents, tastefully woven with a sensual message. Thebet, which is dancehall with R&B and pop fusions, complements the overall vibe, making it a perfect fit for intimate moments.

Jquan – ‘Goliath’ Jquan's distinct flow and lyrical structure unquestionably position him as one of the emerging talents in the contemporary dancehall scene. While embodying the character of Goliath and embracing the popular Choppa lifestyle, he also imbues his single with a compelling authenticity in its visual representation.


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