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The FIX Podcast to interview Bounty Killer Live for 10th Anniversary Event

Entertainment-based media brand The Fix is set to kick off its 10th-anniversary celebrations with a live event on Thursday, featuring an exclusive interview with the dancehall icon, Bounty Killer

Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer (Photo: AcePxl)

Entertainment-based media brand The Fix (formerly “Nightly Fix”) will conduct an exclusive interview with dancehall legend Bounty Killer during their live podcast event on Thursday, Januar5 25. This event, dubbed "The Fix: LIVE," serves as the pinnacle of The Fix's 10-year anniversary celebration within the industry.

This unique installment featuring Bounty Killer holds special significance, considering that hosts Orane ‘Naro’ Hart and Arianne ‘Ari’ Hammond engaged with the "5 Star General" back in 2017—a pivotal period in the history of dancehall.

Describing Bounty Killer as one of The Fix's most iconic guests, the media brand expressed their excitement and honor to have him as part of their decade-long celebration. "Bounty Killer is one of The Fix’s most iconic guests", The Fix said. “We are thrilled and honoured to have him be part of our 10th-year celebration. One aspect of Bounty Killer’s legacy is endorsing young talent and being a visionary in acknowledging game changers and for him to be on board for this event is a testament to him always being cutting edge. We are looking forward to hosting and celebrating with him and all our friends and colleagues".

The Fix Crew, Celebrating their 10th anniversary

The Fix: LIVE is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 25, at The Cove on Winchester Road. Attendees can partake in the festivities and celebrate with The Fix during this special occasion.


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