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The FIX will mark its 10th Anniversary With A Live Podcast Event

The popular media brand, celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a Live Podcast Event, expressing excitement to invite their listeners and supporters to join us for this special occasion

The FIX celebrates their milestone 10th Anniversary

Popular new media brand, The FIX, formerly known as Nightly Fix, is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. The milestone will be observed throughout the year, kicking off with a Live Podcast event on January 25, 2024.

Founded by Orane 'Naro' Hart and Arianne 'Ari' Hammond, The FIX has been a prominent figure in the Jamaican media landscape for the past nine years. Renowned for providing a platform for candid conversations, they have become the go-to destination for engaging discussions with some of Jamaica's and international celebrities. Past guests have included dancehall Icons such as Beenie Man, Baby Cham, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Kurt Riley, Jah Vinci, and many others. Additionally, The FIX has welcomed entrepreneurs, athletes, industry creatives, music executives, and various other notable figures over the years.

"Being a part of this journey for the past decade has been an incredible experience. Our aim has always been to create a space where genuine conversations thrive, allowing diverse voices to be heard," stated Naro, co-founder of The FIX. "We're proud to have fostered a platform that not only entertains but also serves as a crucial outlet for unfiltered social commentary. It's been an honour to engage with such a vast array of talented individuals and personalities."

Ari, co-founder of The FIX, added, "As we commemorate this milestone, we're thrilled to invite our listeners and supporters to join us for a special Live Podcast event on January 25, 2024. It's a moment to celebrate our journey, the incredible guests who've graced our platform, and the community that has supported us along the way."

The Live Podcast event promises to encapsulate the essence of The FIX, featuring engaging discussions, exclusive insights, and a few surprise appearances. Throughout the year, The FIX will roll out various celebratory initiatives, including special episodes, giveaways, and collaborations, to mark this significant milestone in their journey.

From providing a platform for emerging artists through their segment "Buss Di Utes" to hosting candid conversations with industry icons, entrepreneurs, athletes, and societal influencers, The FIX remains dedicated to its core ethos of authenticity and unfiltered expression. Their commitment to being an indispensable voice in entertainment media has solidified their place as a beacon of unfiltered commentary within Jamaica and beyond.

Continuing their legacy of fostering meaningful conversations and celebrating the vibrant fabric of entertainment and social discourse, The Fix crew promises an engaging year for their fan base.

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