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The Diplomats' Bond: DJ Biigy Reflects on Valiant's Success and Personal Growth

Interview: Valiant's personal DJ delves into their initial connection, his responsibilities, milestone moments, and future ambitions

DJ Biigy, Brimming with Dreams for the Future (Photo: Rockstar Films)

Valiant's rise to stardom in the dancehall landscape was unique, marked by memorable moments and the crucial support of his Diplomat collective. DJ BiiGinton, or DJ Biigy, Valiant's personal DJ, played a prominent role in this journey. Recognized as a groundbreaking DJ, BiiGinton ignites energy in every audience with his captivating sound. Over the years, he has not only excelled as a DJ but also smoothly transitioned into music production, displaying his growing talent.


Hailing from Mandeville, Manchester, DJ BiiGinton or Biigy (born Rodale Bola), being raised by his elder siblings Kennard, Adrial, and Kayan alongside his twin Roshane. BiiGinton’s first love was football and played for his school Spalding High, where he played in the U14 and U16 tournaments as a midfielder.


His curiosity about disco-jockeying came from seeing his brother Adrial use the virtual DJ software on his desktop, always downloading music and messing around with the application. BiiGinton explained, “I came home one day from school, and I heard him playing ‘Gaza Christmas’. So I heard him start looping the song over and over,” he continued by saying "so that was what interested me about it, to the point of saying ‘no man, this sounds good’ you know."

Valiant & Biigy, thheir bond deepened over time (Photo: Rockstar Films)

After acquiring his own laptop, BiiGinton began incorporating virtual DJs into his routine, practicing tirelessly. With perseverance, he honed his skills, gradually becoming more proficient and confident. With that, he started pushing himself to be known within his area. “I started doing gigs at my school -  fun days, after sports day events, class parties, school fetes.”


Initially, a teacher at his high school spurred BiiGinton's interest, while those around him promoted his name and encouraged his burgeoning talent. Additionally, he took to marketing himself on Instagram.

As he grew his name, he would end up venturing outside of Manchester to do shows in the Kingston/St. Andrew area, and that’s how he meant Valiant. He would explain that he feels like he’s known Valiant his whole life.


In June 2022, BiiGinton's life took a significant turn when he was invited to perform at a bar on Hope Street in Kingston. During his set, he caught the attention of an artist named Valiant, who was scheduled to perform there. Impressed by each other's talent, the two praised one another for their skills and ended up exchanging Instagram follows. Over time, Valiant affirmed that BiiGinton would be his personal DJ.

He has to ensure that all the tracks performed are perfectly aligned. (Photo: DSR Productions)


Their camaraderie blossomed into a fraternal connection, bolstering each other's professional journeys. Serving as Valiant's personal DJ, BiiGinton shoulders the duty of orchestrating flawless performances, leaving no margin for error. "I have to ensure all the tracks he performs are perfectly aligned. So, my laptop crates predominantly feature his instrumentals and TV Tracks for every single. This allows me to select songs seamlessly during his sets," he elucidated on their dynamic. "To maintain our synergy, we rehearse extensively, especially considering the frequency of consecutive shows. However, with each performance, our chemistry flourishes," Biigy elaborated.


As a member of the Diplomat crew, Valiant's constant travels allow him to connect with fans and expand his brand. Excitedly, DJ Biigy shared, "To be honest, I've been to all 14 parishes in Jamaica, and when he just started out, it was like a movie. Yeah, and even outside of Jamaica, I've been to most Caribbean countries. Every show we do, it's amazing. Whenever you see the phone lights and the patrons' hands in the air, just know that it's going to be an incredible experience. Most of the time, I'll have goosebumps, especially not believing that I would be doing this right now."

"Most of the time, I'll have goosebumps, especially not believing that I would be doing this right now"


Reflecting on his most memorable experiences abroad, he added, "When we're in some Caribbean islands, the love is unbelievable. People get so excited to see us, especially since I was an influencer known from YouTube and appearances on Gio and Ken, Roza and Krissii, etc. People recognize me, and that's shocking."


The busy schedule with Valiant led BiiGinton to focus solely on Valiant's career and stop working with other dancehall artists. He explained, "I used to DJ for artists like Biggs Don, Marksman, and Pablo YG. However, it became challenging to be in multiple places at once, so I decided to focus solely on working with Valiant. We signed our contract and put in the work, so right now, I'm exclusively working for Valiant."

Biigy at work, exclusively DJing for Valiant


While, Many DJs transition into music production or balance both simultaneously. Biigy, known for hits in Dancehall, has his own record label, BiiGinton Records. He shared, "To be very honest, I just started producing. My first hit was with Pablo YG for 'Fada Fada,' and I have songs set for release by Valiant. I'm taking my time, step-by-step, no rush."


Looking ahead, BiiGinton plans to broaden his finances with real estate investing. He explained, "I want to venture into real estate—I don't want to rely solely on music. Given the world's direction, I must secure a stable future for my children. Music can be unpredictable, so I need to plan ahead."


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