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  • Akeeile Harris

Jah Jah Diplomats: Valiant's Right-Hand Man in Success

Exclusive: Trace the journey from childhood friendship to the inception of Diplomats Records, witnessing how these two companions have navigated hand in hand towards success. Get an insider's glimpse into Valiant's world

The Backbone Behind Valiant's Success Story (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

Every successful man has a supportive woman by his side, just as every successful artist has a supportive group around them. This holds true for Valiant, who, since his meteoric breakthrough in the dancehall scene, has been surrounded by his Diplomats crew, helping solidify his position as a rising star in the music industry.

A key figure in this support system is Jah Jah Diplomats (born Jaymone Gordon), Valiant's close friend and the co-founder of Diplomats Records. Gordon is credited with producing every Valiant hit, either as the lead producer or co-producer.

He notably produced 'Insomnia,' which has garnered over 11 million views on YouTube, and has co-produced many other hits, including Valiant's breakout tracks 'Dunce Cheque' and 'Siance,' as well as his latest collaboration 'Faith' featuring the rising dancehall artist, 450 among many others.

"Jah Jah and I have been friends for over 10 years. We're like family, having grown up together since childhood," Valiant acknowledges warmly. "He's the backbone of all operations, serving as my producer. We've churned out countless hits together, and it was us who actually founded Diplomats Records. He's by my side through thick and thin, accompanying me everywhere."

Jah Jah Diplomats alongside Valiant (Photo: Tori Jessica Harding)

As their careers progress, contributing to the Diplomats brand which now encompasses merchandise, event production has seamlessly woven into their professional path. The successful launch of 'Infinity' last year serves as proof of this harmonious collaboration, foreshadowing a future adorned with achievements. Valiant and Jah Jah, stand united as an unstoppable team, clearing the path for Valiant's ongoing successes.


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