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The Art of Collaboration: ZJ Romzii Speaks on Harmonizing with 1Jav

Emerging Talent and ZipFm's Disc Jockey, explores the importance of the MC, their harmonious synergy, and the pivotal role of 1Jav in staging events: "It's Not Just About Bookings; It's About Building a Genuine Friendship"

ZJ Romzii, working in synergy with his Jav (Photo: Damoi)

The DJing craft is a multifaceted art form, offering boundless fulfillment. Picture this: crowds swaying and belting out tunes to your beats, the exhilaration of spinning turntables, and the occasional presence of an emcee elevating the atmosphere.

In the vibrant Jamaican dancehall scene, emerging talent ZJ Romzii shines bright. Teaming up with the energetic MC 1Jav, they form a dynamic duo, electrifying numerous local gatherings and entertaining throngs of partygoers. Not stopping there, ZJ Romzii (Born Romario Clarke) also graces the airwaves as a radio disc jockey on the esteemed Zip 103FM radio station.

All of this to create a memorable experience for someone. As ZJ Romzii puts it, "People come to events for 3-4 hours with issues and/or problems and our job as DJ’s is to let them forget about those problems."

1Jav & Zj Romzii, all about friendship and entertainment (Photo: Damoi)

Romzii made it clear: a DJ's set isn't complete without an MC, like an essential right-hand man. And for Romzii, that indispensable comrade is none other than 1Jav. Together, they've been dominating the party scene, their electrifying teamwork as DJs and MCs setting the bar high and earning them a reputation as one of the hottest acts around.

In starting his journey as a DJ, Romzii stated, "My love for music started in the Church from being on choirs and DJing at youth events. I started venturing out when I was at UWI to play at the different hall and campus events. It really kick-started when I entered a DJ competition on hall. With many established DJ’s, I still came out on top.

Along Romzii’s disc jokeying journey, he realized how important it was to start working with an MC.

Asking a close DJ friend Kashmatic about wanting an emcee for an upcoming event, Kashmatic directed him to Jav, who was also looking for a mixer. "After we made the connection, I invited him over to my studio and we did some practice sessions and we’ve been working together ever since."

Reflecting on their initial collaboration, ZJ Romzii likened it to seasoned teamwork, remarking, "It felt like we'd been working together for ages." Recounting their debut at TBT: Best of the 2000s at Holy Smokes, he reminisced, "We were so in sync, it wasn’t forced or anything like that, and that was a special moment for me because I felt like I found the next piece of my career going to a different level."

Delving into the significance of MCs, Romzii emphasized, "They're essentially the face of a DJ's performance. Their words resonate deeply with the crowd. How they convey the music is crucial in any DJ set. Audience interaction is key, and the MC plays a pivotal role in captivating their attention."

Discussing their effortless harmony, Romzii affirmed, "Jav trusts me a lot, he knows my capabilities and I know the capabilities he has as well, so it works because we trust each other. I never question his instructions cause I know that he’s going to do something very funny and entertaining."

Understanding that they do work together, they are both also really good friends. Under the management of Gabrielle Curling, Romzii describes it as a family or as he would like to say ‘Mafia’.

They're essentially the face of a DJ's performance. Their words resonate deeply with the crowd. Audience interaction is key, and the MC plays a pivotal role in captivating their attention."

"It can’t be just about the music, can’t only be linking up when you have bookings. There has to be that type of bond and friendship," he noted.

Being an official duo since October of last year, they have had many memorable moments. "The last FOF (Festival of Floats) that happened was a hell of a set and we were rocking the crowd. Most recently we played at an event called Decades and that was something special as well because in terms of the music, we kinda played it different and it worked because I love to experiment and stuff like that," he said.

As their musical journey progresses, ZJ Romzii reflects, "The events don’t make you as a DJ. What we’re mostly focused on is being more cohesive, executing at events, and ensuring the people have a good time, cause that’s what Jav and Romzii are about", He emphasizes their commitment to growth and improvement.


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