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Starii Delivers 'Chest Damage' in New Single with Jugist Music and Skybad

Emerging talent Starii brings raw emotion and depth to the "Clear Conscience" Riddim with his latest track: "I poured my past experiences into its lyrics"

Rising talent, Starii

Producers Jugist Music and Skybad Music have joined forces with emerging talent Starii for their latest release, "Chest Damage," the second track unveiled from the "Clear Conscience" Riddim.

Hailing from Clarendon and Manchester parishes, Starii embodies the burgeoning spirit of the music scene. "I firmly believe in the promise of my future within the music industry. My approach to crafting and delivering music is exceptional, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the soulful tunes of my upbringing," shared the aspiring artist.

Reflecting on "Chest Damage," Starii revealed, "The song holds deep meaning, born from a night of introspection. I poured my past experiences into its lyrics, aiming for a relatable narrative. It's an expressive piece, a heartfelt venting to the beat."

Jugist remarked, "His talent defies description." With this release, it joins "I Miss You" by Nklyne for the juggling project.

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Aft_Effect Lyrics
Aft_Effect Lyrics
15. Mai

A dat we a talk bout, TALENT!! 🔥🔥

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