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Spice praises Bounty Killer: "My bravery came from him"

In a recent interview with former NBA star, Jalen Rose, The dancehall queen, Spice credits Bounty Killer for her confidence; talks about recovery from health complications and revealed that she is working on a 'super historical' project

Spice, shared her major experiences with Jalen Rose

For many artistes in Jamaica’s music industry, the story of their upbringing has contributed tremendously to their talents and success. The same can also be said for industry legend and grammy nominated Spice who has consistently over the years proven herself the reigning dancehall queen. Known for her bold and fierce personality, she has effortlessly dominated the dancehall industry being a strong force amongst her pool of male and female competitors.

However, like many others in the music industry, Spice did not come from an easy background. After losing her childhood home to a fire, the Jamaican native came face to face with humble beginnings. Losing all except one pair of shoes and a uniform for school, the destined talent was determined to become a household name worldwide. Grace Hamilton also known as Spice in a recent interview with former NBA star, Jalen Rose on the “Renaissance Man” podcast from the New York Post in June 7th.

The dancehall queen briefly detailed her hard upbringing and what led her to have a passion for music. "Honestly, it has humbled me. I'm excited about where I am currently in my life. I came from nothing, no management just me as an independent black woman", she humbly explained.

Learning more about herself daily, Spice thanks her late father who inspired her to do music at the early age of nine years old. “My dad always knew I would be a star. He claimed that for my life and I believed it” the entertainer reflected. "We were always singing in my household, my father was impressed with my talent and boasted proudly of me to everyone", the female deejay added.

Growing confident and older, the 40-year-old gave insight to the moment that made her the dancehall legend she became. "I remember living in Old Braeton. They held a lot of street parties that really excited me. Both Bounty Killer and Cham were scheduled to perform and I remember just boldly taking the mic at 14 years old spitting lyrics to the crowd", the dancehall queen confidently remarked.

"He told me I'd be a star at just 14 years old. How could I not be confident?" (Jamar Cleary)

Crediting her confidence to the legendary Bounty Killer, Spice humbly thanked him for pouring life into her career. "He was so receptive to me. I remember him telling me at 14 years old I would be the next queen of dancehall", the songstress gratefully expressed. Reflecting on her lyrical battle against the faces of dancehall was the icing on her cake in boosting her bravery. "My bravery came from Killa. He told me I'd be a star at just 14 years old. How could I not be confident?”, she further added.

Successfully dominating her native country, Spice officially crossed international borders to propel her dreams. Growing her already large fan base, the dancehall prodigy dived deeper into her personal life for display on America’s hit television show, Vh1 Love & Hip Hop. The show is known to gain exposure for the upcoming artiste and successful artiste who want to grow their platform. The show as of 2023 has since then moved to MTV which will air the show's 11th season.

Explaining in depth how blessed she was for the opportunity, Spice expressed what sparked her interest in joining such a powerful platform while already having a solid fan base. "At the time I was friends with Staci Chung who also had a relationship with show creator Mona Scott Young. The cast came to my Mobay concert in season 6 and just seeing everything in real-time, inspired me to be a part of such a large opportunity", the dancehall vet expressed with gratitude.

Actively imprinting her name on the international scenes, on May 5th this year, the recording artiste was awarded with the keys to the region of Florida. Still in disbelief the reigning queen expressed deep sincerity and gratitude to the state’s mayors. "This has never happened before to anyone. Usually, they do the keys to the city but I got the keys to the region because 16 mayors came together collectively and decided that my philanthropic work deserved to be rewarded", she modestly replied.

Her career took a tremendous turn in 2022 when she had a major health scare that sent shocks through the internet waves both locally and nationally. Recovering from sepsis, Hamilton’s health took a drastic turn with the star knocking on death’s door. "Life is so much better now. I literally died and was given a second chance at life", Grace added thankfully. "I no longer take small things for granted. I remember sitting in the hospital planning life after death for my children and then I remember we came on Earth with nothing so leaving should not ever be a bother to us", Spice humbly added.

Rising like a phoenix from ashes, the dancehall queen is ready to come back making a full return to her passion. With her health scare being documented in the new season of MTV’s Love & Hip Hop, alongside an all-female project set to release later this year, the dancehall vet is on the right path to making a triumphant return. "This year you will see me in a vulnerable light sharing more of my life with the world. The project I'm working on will be a super historical and meticulous moment for dancehall", she concluded.

Spice, "I'm no longer take small things for granted"


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