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Bounty Killer honoured with Lifetime Award at 2023 IRAWMA

Updated: May 12, 2023

The dancehall legend was honored for a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the industry: "I’m elated. it’s honorable to be honored"

Bounty Killer, no one is deserved it more than him (Jamar Cleary)

Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer was honoured with the Lifetime Award at the 2023 International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA). "I'm elated. it’s honorable to be honored", he said to Kaboom Magazine.

The ceremony, which took place on Sunday (May 7) saw the music veteran being honoured for his contributions to the Jamaican music industry for more than 30 years.

In a post on his Instagram displaying the award saying that it was an honour to be given such recognition, especially in his hometown Kingston. "Give thanks to all who had played even a tiny role or part on my journey to here. I truly appreciated y’all despite where we’re today Salute," he said in the post.

roaring on stage for more than 4 decades (Jamar Cleary)

Bounty Killer, one of the cornerstones of dancehall, has been roaring for over 4 decades in the dancehall industry, paving the way for many artistes and remaining faithful to the original dancehall.

Bounty Killer upgraded his never-ending catalog by releasing multiple music videos. he recently dropped a music video for "Slow Motion" (produced by Madhouse Records/ Dave Kelly) with Cham, Dexta Daps and special appearances by Jada Kingdom, DJ Lava and more celebrities and suppose to release another visual for "One Gadzilla" which was produced by Troyton Music.


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