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Sizzla turns 47: Reggae Megastar with worldwide impact

Review: With Numerous albums and thousands of singles, Sizzla Kalonji's impact was felt not only in Jamaica but worldwide

Sizzla, a major force in the reggae history (Jamar Cleary)

One of the most prolific artistes in Jamaican music history, Sizzla Kalonji, celebrates his 47th birthday. With a catalog of more than 70 albums and approaching a thousand songs, Sizzla is certainly considered a Jamaican musical giant, who made a significant impact not only on the local scene but also on the international market.

Born Miguel Collins on April 17, 1976, in August Town to devout Rastafarian parents and was educated in the local community.

Sizzla began his journey in the early 90s when, in the middle of this decade, he got to know who he later defined as his mentor, the late Bobby Digital B. His first album, "Burning Up", was released in 1995.

The momentum build around him and over the next 5 years, he released 16 albums including "Black Woman & Child", "Royal Son Of Ethiopia", "Bobo Ashanti", "Good Ways", "Taking Over", and more via VP Records, Xterminator, Greensleeves, and more in the years are considered as Sizzla's heyday. He made himself one of the major forces in the industry, and this led him to release his masterful album "Da Real Thing" through VP Records.

These albums are including some of his notable songs, "Dry Cry", "Solid As A Rock", "Praise Ye Jah", "Be Strong", "Give Them A Ride", Taking Over", "Thank U Mama", "Simplicity", "Trod Mt. Zion" and many others.

Sizzla has since released several dozen albums, including 2003's "Rise to the Occasion" and 2005' "Soul Deep". In 2013 he released his album "The Messiah" which later became his first Grammy nomination.

Sizzla, created a significant impact on both local and international markets (Jamar Cleary)

Last year, He marked the 20th anniversary of "Da Real Ting", and continues to cultivate his career as he always praises the black woman and the ghetto youth.

With his numerous album consciously influenced by Rastafari and his positive impact on music, Sizzla creates a significant impact on both local and international markets.


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