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Carrying on 'XTM' legacy': Kareem Burrell Revealing his father's archive

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Kareem 'Remus' Burrell (XTM.Nation) the son of the late producer, Philip 'Fatis' Burrell, continues to carry on his father's legacy, with his third compilation series of tracks produced by the legendary producer.

"After combing through an extensive archive of DAT tapes and two-inch reels to preserve them", he explains.

Kareem Burrell, carrying his father legacy

The prolific producer helped launch the careers of Luciano, Sizzla, Pinchers, and many more. Working with the island’s top musicians, his tireless work ethic yielded an abundance of classic recordings, many of which have never been released.

"I feel very proud, but also appreciate it comes with great responsibility, my father did a lot of remarkable productions and is known to set a high standard", Kareem stated.

The 'Fatis Tapes In The Oven is a compilation is includes 15 songs from artists such Beres Hammond, Sizzla, Luciano, Cocoa Tea, Marcia Griffiths, and even the late Sugar Minott.

Fatis Burrel, the man behind the crucial Jamaican label, 'Xterminator', and before that, Vena Recordings and also Kings & Lions Label died in 2011, left a remarkable influence

on the Jamaican music industry and certainly on his family. "certain life principles that he taught me are fixed in my consciousness, I still practice them today", he concludes.

Archive of DAT tapes and two-inch reels


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