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  • Akeeile Harris

Rising Producer Deth Expanding 'Rock A Bye' Project with Roze Don & More

As IWaata's 'Tun Di Ada Way' marks dizzying success, Producer Deth teases more singles and reveals that more projects are on the way

Roze Don alongside Deth (Photo: Young Elvis)

The collaborative success between the emerging producer/director, Shot By Deth, and dancehall artist IWaata has once again flourished, following their hit single 'Tun Di Ada Way' last October. With an impressive 3.6 million views on YouTube, Deth is currently riding this success wave and is actively enhancing his 'Rock A Bye' juggling project by adding more artists to the compilation.

Up next in line is the rising dancehall artist, Roze Don, whose style perfectly complements the vibrant beats. He is gearing up to release 'One & Ready,' a track specifically tailored to captivate the female audience with its lively and alluring message. Sporting a fresh look, the video had already been shot, set to be released soon. Deth, sharing his strategy with Kaboom, expressed, "I'm trying a different approach this time—to release them as singles, but come February, it's time to step up."

Other artists expected to make their mark on the beats include Laalee, Marksman, and the emerging talent Kacique, with the possibility of additional names joining the lineup.

In the meantime, Shot By Deth is actively collaborating on new projects, including additional material with the emerging dancehall star, 450, as well as with Daddy 1 and The 9ine. Amid these collaborations, he assures fans of another hit in the making with IWaata, hinting that the upcoming single 'Sawka Sawka' ('Tun Di Ada Way part 2)' is also currently in the works.

Recognized as a photographer, video director, and promoter in the local dancehall scene, Deth concurrently nurtures his own label, 'Dethworld Records.' This label gained prominence with IWaata's breakthrough hit, 'Clip Tall,' a massive single that accumulated 12.5 million views for its 2020 video release. On the same 'Dead Man Riddim,' as mentioned, his colleague Intence also left a significant mark with 'Nuh Talk Long,' another massive hit.


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