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Shenseea Rises To 4th Place Among Jamaican Musicians With 2.76 Million Subscribers

The singer has surpassed the subscriber count of dancehall giant, Shaggy. Who follows as the next female artist in the top 10, and where does the new generation of artists stand?

Shenseea, surpassing Shaggy at number 4

Shenseea's standing in the dancehall space has been firmly established as she claims the 4th spot among the most subscribed Jamaican musicians on YouTube, boasting an impressive 2.76 million subscribers. She is the sole female artist within the top 5. The 'Hit & Run' singer now surpasses the dancehall giant Shaggy, who closely trails behind with 2.75 million subscribers. Leading the pack are internationally acclaimed dancehall icons Sean Paul, Bob Marley, and the 'World Boss,' Vybz Kartel.

Following her is fellow Jamaican artist Spice is at the 7th spot with 2.51 million subscribers. Damian Marley holds the sixth place with 2.62 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

While the gender gap in subscriber count within the Jamaican music industry remains substantial, British-Jamaican rapper Stefflon Don maintains a formidable presence with 1.95 million YouTube subscribers. Among other prominent female artists, dancehall diva Jada Kingdom boasts 670K subscribers, followed by Shaniel Muir with 479K. Meanwhile, rising stars like Stalk Ashley, Moyann, and others are steadily climbing towards the 200K subscriber mark.

In the broader context, Jamaican artists with over two million subscribers include Alkaline with 2.2 million and Popcaan, the 'Unruly Boss,' with 2.15 million subscribers on YouTube. Crossing the million subscriber threshold are Tommy Lee Sparta (1.33 million), Charly Black (1.29 million), Masicka (1.23 million), Teejay (1.14 million), and Konshens (1.1 million).

Looking to the new generation of dancehall artists, Skeng leads the pack with an impressive 984k subscribers, followed by Chronic Law with over 880K subscribers. Squash commands a subscriber base of 776K on his YouTube channel, while Valiant is making significant strides with 635K subscribers, poised to capture the attention of millions of fans.


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