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Charly Black Releases Catchy New Single "Oxtail, Extra Gravy"

Veteran dancehall artist Charly Black joins forces with Minto-Play da Riddim and Warrior to deliver a fusion of afrobeat and dancehall, aiming for International success

Charly Black, more than 20 years of experience in the music business

Dancehall artist Charly Black has dropped his latest track titled "Oxtail, Extra Gravy," which was produced in collaboration with Minto-Play da Riddim and Warrior of Jdore Records. This fresh release hit the airwaves on Friday, February 16, 2024. Reflecting on the journey of time and perseverance, the producers shared their experiences in bringing this project to life.

"I had the notion right away when creating the beat and Charly was the perfect fit for it. Charly agreed and added his catchy melody and lyrics. I instantly thought this was it and Warrior agreed. I believe this will be a song that you can be both serious and playful with and I believe this single will be enjoyed by everyone," expressed the producer Minto.

"Oxtail (Extra Gravy)" blends Afrobeats and Dancehall, targeting a female audience for club bangers worldwide. Charly Black's love-themed lyrics liken his lady's affection to "Oxtail with extra gravy," set to become a couples' playlist favorite. Premiering exclusively at an event in Trinidad, the song was an instant hit, promising to set dance floors ablaze.

"Working on this project was all about positive vibes and good energy from the get-go. The feedback we've received on the song has been uplifting, and I'm certain it will make a significant impact upon release," Warrior noted.


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