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Shakespeare Set to Drop "Painless Riddim" Featuring Jahshii, Rytikal, & Nhance

Jamaican producer unveils new project with lead single "Never Give Up" by Rytikal; Silk Boss and Zagga Also on roster

Producer Shakespear, set to drop his new project

Jamaican producer Brandon Shakespeare is set to introduce his new project, "Painless Riddim," on May 10th, marking the debut of its first singles. This collection boasts a roster of talented artists, including Jahshii, Nhance, Rytikal, Silk Boss, Propa Fade, and Zagga, promising to enthrall listeners with its soulful melodies.

Kicking off with Rytikal's "Never Give Up," a powerful single of resilience, accompanied by an anticipated music video scheduled for release between May 10th and 13th, sets the tone for the entire endeavor.

Each artist brings their distinct style to the table, ensuring that every track on the "Painless Riddim" is imbued with raw emotion and undeniable talent. "Crazy and creative are the two words I would use to describe the artists featured in the project," remarked the 23-year-old producer.

Tracks like Nhance's "Fake Smile" and Jahshii's "Never Last" are poised to make waves with their infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics.

With Shakespeare's signature versatility, "Painless Riddim" is set to deliver an exceptional project, leaving a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.


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