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Shakespeare's Musical Journey: Commending the Next Generation and Striving for Impact

Exclusive Interview: Grammy-nominated producer Brandon Shakespeare discusses Teejay's latest EP, collaborating with emerging talents, and praise for Bayka and Malie Donn

"now am a part of a Billboard body of work is more than a dream come true"

Hailing from Jamaica's inner city of Portmore, the talented beatmaker and music producer Brandon Shakespeare is creating waves in the music industry. At just 23 years old, he's already making significant strides, collaborating with top musical acts such as Sean Paul, Alkaline, and Teejay. Moreover, he has produced tracks for artists like Malie Don, Rytikal, IWaata, and many others. "It's always a proud feeling to work with the top acts in dancehall music, especially because it's something I used to dream about when I first started in music," Shakespeare shared in an interview with Kaboom Magazine.

Having collaborated with esteemed producer DJ Frass and earning Grammy nominations for his contributions to hits like "Real Steel" by Sean Paul & Intence from the album "Live n Livin'," Brandon Shakespeare has solidified his position in the music industry. Recently, he gained widespread attention for his work on Teejay's "Twerk It" from the EP "I Am Chippy," earning recognition on billboards. "I honestly felt overwhelmed with motivation and pleasure," he excitedly expressed. "To know that I was once part of a Grammy-nominated body of work, and now am a part of a Billboard body of work is more than a dream come true".

Drawing Inspiration from Producers, Inspiring the Next Generation

Drawing inspiration from renowned dancehall producers such as Di Genius, Chimney Records, and Metro Boomin, Brandon Shakespeare's musical style is a fusion of various influences. "My musical style is really inspired by several things," he explained. "My mood and level of motivation play a major role in how creative I am, allowing me to think more freely and try new things".

Shakespeare's mindset indicates that he doesn't dwell on experiences and meanings but is simply imbued with a sense of purpose. "I just keep it moving. But being nominated for a Grammy and winning the Stephen 'Di Genius' rhythm contest were two major positive experiences that drove me," he mentioned.

As a young producer, Shakespeare delights in collaborating with the emerging generation of dancehall artists. "I'm thrilled by the new wave of talent," he expressed. "Each artist brings unique motivation and continues to shape their own musical style. I'm eager to witness the evolution of dancehall in the future." He went on to praise some of these artists, saying, "I think Rytikal's lyricism, and how quickly he comes up with them amazes me all the time. Malie Donn's creativity with the lines he comes up with on spot is up there with the most talented I've seen. Bayka's delivery and the way he uses his ad-libs as a part of the song is also like nothing I've seen before really."

Continuing with praise for the two rising dancehall stars, Malie Donn and Bayka, with whom he works closely, Shakespeare remarked, "Crazy and creative are the two words I would use to describe them. Despite often touching on similar themes, their distinct use of words and melodies defines their individual brand, sound, and image. Malie Donn's unique lyricism and ear-catching lines stand out, while Bayka's delivery and the innovative use of his voice to sing certain melodies truly set him apart", he articulated. "it's crazy how their artistry can create a lane for themselves, and also a livelihood".

Shakespeare highlights his distinctiveness. "What sets me apart from the rest is just how much I experiment and create different styles and sounds with my beats," asserted Brandon Shakespeare. "From Teejay's 'Twerk It' to collaborations with Propa Fade and Gapix, my tracks offer a unique spin on mainstream music. Industry professionals value my ability to swiftly produce high-quality beats spanning different styles."

Expanding upon this, Brandon Shakespeare is determined to create a lasting impact. "My dream in music is to be someone's motivation, just as how others have motivated me as a young person coming up," he concluded.


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