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Sean Paul's Dutty Rock Production has launched their sizzling project 'Summa Hot Riddim'

The dancehall superstar & Sukku of Ward21 launched their first two singles from the entire collection including 'Ova Tek' by Chi Ching Ching

Sean Paul, targets the summer (Tori J Harding)

International dancehall superstar, Sean Paul together with his label, Dutty Rock Production label and Sukku of Ward21 launched their new collection titled 'Summa Hot Riddim' which targets the summer.

The Summa Hot Riddim is set to be a sizzling collection of tracks that capture the essence of the Jamaican summer. 'Summa Hot' by Sean Paul is a catchy, feel-good anthem infused with his signature dancehall flavor. With its memorable chorus, vibrant melodies, and Sean Paul's undeniable charisma, this track is sure to become a summer staple.

"Ova Tek" by Chi Ching Ching, another standout single from the Summa Hot Riddim, showcases the talent of this rising dancehall sensation. Known for his unique style and captivating performances, Chi Ching Ching brings his own flair to the project, ensuring an unforgettable musical experience for fans worldwide.

Sean Paul's Summa Hot Riddim is a testament to his commitment to showcasing and uplifting fellow artists within the dancehall community. By launching this groundbreaking project under his Dutty Rock Production label, Sean Paul aims to provide a platform for emerging talents to shine while delivering top-notch entertainment to his fans.

These two singles from Sean Paul & Chi Ching Ching Chin has released via ONErpm on Friday, July 28, 2023, and are now available worldwide. With more singles to be released on the entire Summa Hot Riddim compilation, it guarantees an explosive and vibrant musical journey that will leave fans craving for more.


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