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Chi Ching Ching is gearing up for the production side

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The dancehall entertainer came up with a "God On Time" project and produced a magnetic single featuring Lila Ike. read the details here

Chi Ching Ching, the Man in a mission (Adymon Walker, Kaboom Media)

Dancehall Recording artiste, Chi Ching Ching is taking 2023 into the production side. After he promised earlier this year in an interview with Kaboom Magazine, the 40-year-old Sinjay is now delivering.

Chi Ching Ching (born in Radion Beckford) together with his label, Amere Entertainment has recently released a project called "God on Time" featuring songs from the dancehall rising force, Chronic Law and the young talent, Castral that released his single, "God Is Time", earlier this year.

Chronic Law's song titled, "God On Time" was released on April 14th followed by a music video and already make the #6 spot on Youtube trendings in Jamaica.

"Mi a do some producing as I told you earlier this year. the whole project is named 'God On Time', and we have Dee Skys from outta Brooklyn, New York with a song 'God Is All I Need' in the compilation and mi have a song with Zagga and Yaksta on the same riddim. we give thanks and show appreciation for what Jah give we. god first", he said while speaking about the project.

Ching Ching Ching is also teamed up with Law Boss for a next single titled, "Weed Rock" which is set to release on international weed day, April 20th. the song is produced by his label together with Tun Up Sound. "We a push a grabba leaf name 'Up Leaf Grabba'. it's a weed song that promote the grabba leaf", he explained.

As an artiste who built his name over the years through his vibey dancing songs such as "Rock DI World", "Breadfruit" "Rice & Peas" and more, he does it again.

Ching alongside the dancer Energy , "Wurl A Baff" (Adymon Walker, Kaboom Media)

The artiste has recently joined forces with reggae female star Lila Ike, for a song titled "Wurl A Baff, which was produced by Amere Entertainment, Koastal Kings and Zimi Records producer, Franc White. "The idea came from mi, dance moves created by Energy", he added.

Later this year, the dancehall entertainer is scheduled to touch several European stages again during his European tour which he has already secured his place at the leading Rototom Festival.


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