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Sean Paul & Beres Hammond provides music video for 'Rebel Time'

The two Jamaican icons followed up their single release with audio visuals that simulates a party from the 80's era

Sean Paul & Beres Hammond followed up their single release with audiovisuals

Following the release of their highly anticipated single last May, two of the most distinguished artistes in Jamaican music history, Sean Paul and Beres Hammond have now released the music video for their collaboration titled, ‘Rebel Time’, which was co-produced by Dutty Rock Productions & Ineffable Records.

This track features an authentic visual reminiscent of the Rent-a-tile styled rub-a-dub, while still embodying the unstoppable thump of the Dancehall bass line. The music video was shot by the well-known video director, Jay Will, simulating a live performance by both icons, which was supposedly held in 1989 with an enthusiastic crowd of fans, mostly girls and recalls the forgotten days of the golden days of the music.

‘Rebel Time’ is a fusion of lovers’ rock and signature dancehall beats, creating a genre-melding groove that will have listeners moving to the rhythm with ease. It’s no wonder if the production has the benefit of the involvement of the legendary producer Sly Dunbar. Sean Paul's recognizable voice and flow blend seamlessly with Beres Hammond's smooth and soulful reggae vocals, resulting in a feel-good single that celebrates breaking out of the norm and daring to be bold.

"It's an honor to work with a legend like Beres Hammond. I grew up listening to his music and to share the mic with him is a dream come true", said Sean Paul when the single was released.

Beres Hammond, "share the mic with him is a dream come true"

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