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  • Akeeile Harris

Sean Paul Injects 'Greatest' Energy into 'Dutty Money' Dancehall Revival

The undeniable buzz surrounding the popular riddim has attracted a dancehall superstar to contribute his own single. Which female artists are to be next?

Sean Paul, delivered his single on the Riddim

The buzz around gaining authorization by Jamaican super producer Rvssian for his trendy project, 'Dutty Money,' is gaining momentum in the Dancehall space.

The remake project dominates the trending charts on YouTube and is creating ripples on Spotify with singles from emerging dancehall artists like Rajawild ('Go Go'), Kraff, Najeeriii, Malie Donn, Bayka, Valiant, alongside dancehall legend Vybz Kartel and the vocalist sensation Nigy Boy. Recent additions, including Govana with 'Needle Island,' have joined the list, and there's anticipation of more to follow in the future.

The surprising inclusion of international dancehall superstar Sean Paul with his single 'Greatest' adds to the growing list, awaiting the release of its music video on YouTube. Although not officially confirmed, it's evident that emerging dancehall star Chronic Law will be part of the project, as viral clips of Rvssian himself listening to the single have circulated online. Names like Pablo YG and others are set to contribute, promising to ignite the entire dancehall industry.

Rvssian, teasing on his Twitter account, hints at the addition of a female force to the project, seeking suggestions on "what ladies to add." Expected names include Shenseea, whose part of her single on the popular riddim has leaked, dancehall sensation Stalk Ashley, and Jada Kingdom (who collaborated with Rvssian last year). Fans are also eager to see names like Spice, Moyann, Shaniel Muir, and even Ikaya and Pamputtae.

In the final leg of 2023, Rvssian, through his label Head Concussion Records, made waves in the dancehall world with the remake of the 2010 'Go Go Club.' Singles such as 'Go Go' by Rajahwild, Kraff's 'Nursery Rhymes,' Brysco's 'Gimmi Nikki & Broad Thickaz,' and Najeeriii's 'Phat Phat' garnered millions of streams on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok. This creation posed a challenge to other renowned producers like Notnice, ZJ Liquid, Di Genius, and more to remake iconic beats.

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