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Rockstar in his Prime: an exclusive glimpse into Skeng's World

We take an exclusive look at Skeng's life via his personal videographer Young Elvis: "Just using my phone fi do that. plan to take the world by this"

Skeng and his baby at the studio (Kyng Production)

Both a blog and a YouTube channel are excellent mediums for promoting your art, but recently, we've more been revealed to vlogs, the medium of video blogs. Documenting the private lives of artistes, is something that is becoming very popular, especially in the dancehall space.

Artistes have realized the importance of getting closer to their fanbase and using the medium wisely. For example, Aidonia took us on a journey with his 'Aidonia Lyfe Of A Genna' vlog, Vybz Kartel's Son, Likkle Vybz is also one who brings us closer to his personal life, but we dived into this world with Dennis Hall, more popularly as Young Elvis, Known for his clear and precise images and as a personal videographer of fast-rising dancehall artiste, Skeng.

He brings an exclusive glimpse ti performances and also captures the private lives of multiple rising artistes. Among the names he has already worked with, there are Valiant, Stalk Ashley, Marksman, and also the rising talent Skippa, however, his closest relationship is of course with Skeng, whom he mentions as his mentor. "Mi Just using my phone fi do that. plan to take the world by this. currently link up with mi fada, Skeng", The 17 Years-Old talent said. "I'm more than a videographer or a photographer, I only do it with an iPhone, it seems like an art in the public eyes. it's a personal look into a rockstar life," he describes.

In his latest vlog, which is actually a short documentary, Young Elvis gives his viewers and subscribers an exclusive glimpse into Skeng's world by capturing Ratty's life alongside his management team, Di Truth Records featuring producers Shacko and John Coop and his manager Buddah, showcases the studio's work, and also shared a rare photos of Skeng's new baby.

Skeng alongside Young Elvis (Kyng Productions)


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