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Rising Jamaican Artiste Projexx releases 'GRIM TAPE VOL 2'

The 7-track project is a representation of Projexx’s love and appreciation for Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Afrobeats

Projexx, Showcases his ability in a new body of work (Pop Photography)

Jamaica's genre-blending dancehall star Projexx is back with the epic, hook-filled new project titled 'GRIM TAPE VOL. 2'. The collection showcases his ability to blend hard-hitting, incisive raps with stadium-ready hooks, all while detailing life in Jamaica. With bangers about the clubs, the streets, and everywhere in between, GRIM TAPE VOL. 2 is a brilliant slice of life from one of music’s most exciting young stars.

The follow-up to GRIM & Family Vol. I, GRIM TAPE VOL. 2 marries Projexx’s love and appreciation for dancehall, hip-hop, and Afrobeats into a cohesive whole that sounds entirely unique to his mission. He infuses these different genres with his bevy of life experiences, giving his work a personal sheen that is highlighted by his infectious personality. “GRIM is a mixtape that is a reflection of what I see every day,” Projexx says of the 7-song set.

“It’s about the hardcore street life in Jamaica, young life, money-making, girls, hustling, violence.” He then elaborates on his dizzyingly inventive sound. “The project is about fusing different genres together and to show his versatility from start to finish,” he added. “It’s a mixture of afro, dancehall, hip-hop, and something very intimate for the fans.”

Projexx began teasing the project earlier this year with the explosive 'Brawlin' featuring Artikal and 'Top Speed,' a collaboration with Giggs & Marksman. Other standouts include 'Grim Song,' (Ft. Alecia) bone-rattling club anthem 'Jiggle,' and the menacing 'Mercy' featuring Simon Said. From top to bottom, GRIM TAPE Vol.2 is an eclectic yet cohesive glimpse of an artist with a completely unique vision.

These releases were preceded by a thrilling 2021 and 2022 for Projexx. He released his last body of work, Queen Hill, two years ago. That EP was headlined by cuts like “Sidepiece,” which was a continuation of the genre-blending songs Projexx began releasing in 2021, and the remix, which featured upcoming afrobeat artist Ruger. That includes his banger with Bakersteez titled “Bigga League,” the boundary-smashing hit that documents his ascent as he takes over Jamaica’s National Stadium in the video. In 2020, Projexx collaborated on WizKid's "True Love," a standout on the Grammy-nominated album Made In Lagos.

Projexx has clearly leveled up even beyond the monumental expectations he set with previous releases. An epic yet concise look at his life as a rising superstar, GRIM TAPE Vol.2 is both intimate and ready for the global stage.

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