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Reggae legend Burning Spear for two shows in Israel

The veteran musician is expected to perform in Tel Aviv and Megiddo for the first time in over 30 years. "There is a huge scene of roots reggae lovers in Israel", said the producer, Guil Bonstein

Burning Spear alongside Kabaka Pyramid in recent shows in Europe

One of the greatest reggae singers of all time, Burning Spear is heading for 2 shows in Israel. The first one set to take place at the Barby Club on August 14, 2023, while the second show will be held at a new festival in the Megiddo Hills on August 15, 2023, together with local artiste such as Ravid Plotnik and Ehud Banai, while local selectors such as Reality outta A-Mar Sound is set to give their sets.

"In Israel, there is a huge roots reggae scene, and we are all so happy to see Burning Spear performing here", said the Promoter/producer Guil Bonstein, who is Together with the promoter Shuki Weiss, responsible for Spear shows in Israel. "His travel party will stay by Tel Aviv's beach and have time to visit Jerusalem as well, explore the holy sites of the old city", he added. Bonstein is the founding father of the reggae scene in Israel and is responsible for many reggae concerts over the years. Spear himself made his last appearce in Israel in 1990.

Burning Spear (whose real name is Winston Rodney) is considered a reggae legend in the reggae-roots style with a long and impressive career.

He began his musical career in 1969 when he tried to establish himself as a young artiste in the reggae space. After a chance meeting between him and the young Bob Marley, he sent him with a recommendation to Clement "Coxone" Dode's record label, Studio One in Kingston and from there Sapir's career took off and became a legend with dozens of successful studios albums, two Grammy awards and more.

Spear with Jesse Royal, busy schedule

After being absent from the stages for several years, the 78-year-old Spear has returned to the stages while making 30 performances last year in the USA and Europe among other places. riding on the great success, he decided to embark on another tour. Spear graced the stages of Reggae Geel in Belgium, and also had several shows across Europe. after his Israel performances, he will fly to Spain for the renowned Rototom Sunsplash on August 18 and Afrika Tage Wien in Vienna, Austria on August 19, 2023. later this year he also has a show in Brazil.


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