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Reemus K take steps in the music industry by releasing a new single, ‘Korrection Show’

The son of the legendary Sizzla Kalonji talks about his father’s inspiration ("He is my greatest influence") and working on his craft

Reemus K, following his father's legacy

Rising singer Reemus K wears many hats at only 24 years old. The son of a reggae/dancehall legend, Sizzla Kalonji cultivates his own record label 'Korrection Music' and has been involved in music production since his teenage years.

The young talent whose given name is Raheem Collins hails from August Town, St Andrew and recently released his high-energy single titled, 'Korrection Show' via DHW Recordings.

"I write songs according to a flow or melody I make up on spot. I can beatbox and create flows to write to or even without any instrumental", he told Kaboom Mag. "With the trending these days it's very important to me as a musician to give me a bigger exposure in the dancehall and reggae era. It also creates a much larger fan base towards my image and voice", Reemus K said.

“My style is motivational and uptempo to the ears of the world so they can be uplifted from the positive energy of my sound", when asked about his musical style which was definitely inspired by his father. "My father is the greatest influence in my personal and musical life", the August Town native echoed.

The singer revealed more details about his childhood around musical legend and father, Sizzla Kalonji. "Growing up was always very busy but helpful. He has always been there to guide me through school and also in the music industry. He was always very quick to share experiences with me that he felt would help me to grow and be a better person. He was hard on me at times but I have come to realize that it was for my benefit and now I can say it was worth it. He wanted me to explore my potential and never wanted me to be complacent. Hence, he is always encouraging you to practice and learn what you do. This was for me to be greater at what I am doing. he is a perfectionist and has the knowledge for perfecting his craft so he would always correct me and find the right rhythm that flows better with my voice. He also teaches his children to be kind to one another and always remain humble".

"My experience with a father like mine is challenging and will motivate anyone"

In his younger years, he spent hours beside his father drawing energies from his multiple studio sessions. "Always been inspired by the great legends to be at the same level as they are and also to create a world fan base towards my music. This is my desire. I have had a passion for music from a longer time since I was in the studio listening to a reggae legend that gave me the inspiration to make my dream become a reality", he said.

"My experience with a father like mine is challenging and will motivate anyone. His voice and melody would automatically draw your ears towards his sound in music and inspired me a lot on my musical journey as a mentor and as a father," the singer concluded.

Sizzla Kalonji, "has the knowledge for perfecting his craft" (Jamar Cleary)

While promoting his new single, he is currently enrolled in the University of the West Indies Community Film Project (of which his dad is a graduate) and also specializes in computer repairs.


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