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Rashad Entertainment Debuts with "Richard Mille" by Kant10t

Trelawny's own up-and-coming producer Rashad Entertainment teams up with emerging rising dancehall artist for debut single

Jason "Rashad Entertainment" Gray

Up-and-coming producer Rashad Entertainment dropped his debut single titled "Richard Mille," by dancehall artist Kant10t. the single was released in coincidence with his birthday on June 16th.

Born Jason Gray, the 31-year-old producer, hails from Trelawny parish he is the driving force behind Rashad Entertainment. "Working with Kant10t has been a pleasure and very motivational," says Gray. "He is incredibly hardworking and his talent is truly admirable."

"Richard Mille" is the first collaboration between Rashad Entertainment and Kant10t with contributions from rising producer Skelly Dan Records, but it certainly won't be the last. Gray hints at more to come, saying, "Due to the admiration of his talent and work ethic, you can keep an eye and ear out for more singles with the artist."

Rashad Entertainment is optimistic about the future, believing that as long as the songs make sense, resonate with fans, and are well put together, a breakthrough is inevitable. "For now, our main focus is on 'Richard Mille' by Kant10t," he explains. "But that being said, you can keep an eye and ear out for more singles from various artists."

With this promising start, Rashad Entertainment is poised to make a significant impact in the music world, and fans are eagerly awaiting what comes next.


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