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Randalee Carves Her Path in the Industry with the release of "Hold Me"

Tracing Randalee's Path: Overcoming career challenges, female artist hurdles, and learning from , Jahvillani, and others

Randalee, Navigating her way in the music industry

Hailing from the vibrant heart of Jamaica, emerging talent Randalee immersed herself in the island's rich cultural tapestry before making her way to the United States. Influenced by legends like Ninjaman and Lady Saw, Randalee discovered her musical voice, embarking on her creative journey in the sixth grade. The release of her debut track, "Hold Me," proved to be a pivotal moment, drawing attention and marking the beginning of her promising career.

Randalee's artistic style is a reflection of her mood and background, described as bold and sensual with underlying strength. Despite facing challenges, particularly nerve-wracking experiences like her initial performance, Randalee remained steadfast in her dedication to music. Drawing inspiration from her environment, she infuses her music with authenticity, exploring themes that resonate with her inner world.

Recently, Randalee has expanded her artistic horizons through collaborations with notable figures in the dancehall scene such as Jahvillani and Charly Black, enriching her style and propelling her musical journey forward. "I learned that everyone has a different writing style. For example Charly Black in my experience vibes to the beat for a while and then gets right to the mic and records his lyrics as he goes. Nothing was writing in a book or notepad etc", Randalee revealed. My expectation for this upcoming release is to reach a bigger mass of people as I do feel this song is very versatile in that it has a R&B/Pop sound with dancehall lyrics and a dancehall vibe", she stated.

As a female artist, Randalee acknowledges the additional hurdles she faces in gaining recognition but remains determined to overcome them. "It is extremely challenging for a female artist to achieve success in the industry. I think 10-20 male artist can exist at a time but for females, it’s almost a one or two to four-at-a-time thing", Randalee remarked.

Looking ahead, Randalee anticipates exciting collaborations and is currently working on new songs and an EP. Her fusion of tradition and innovation in dancehall aims to make a lasting impact on the music industry. Dreaming of collaborations with artists like Spice, Shaneil Muir, and Ninja Man, Randalee's aspirations reach for the pinnacle of reggae and dancehall greatness.


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