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  • Akeeile Harris

Raheem Wid The Book Aims to Ignite Dancehall with 'Top Tier' Riddim

Emerging from the Diplomats Camp, rising producer-composer Raheem Wid The Book sets his new venture in motion with Jada Kingdom, as Shaneil Muir, Valiant, and more soon to join

L-R: Jada Kingdom, Valiant, Shaneil Muir

In the dynamic realm of dancehall, emerging talents continually rise to the forefront. Among these rising talents the stands producer-composer dubbed Raheem Wid The Book from the Diplomats Records, a promising producer hailing from Westmoreland Parish.

Currently, all eyes are on his latest project, the 'Top Tier' Riddim, including some dancehall top-tier names. Headlined by dancehall songstress Jada Kingdom, the theme song dropped two months ago, swiftly amassing a staggering 5.3 million views on YouTube. However, this is just the beginning.

Teasing fans with anticipation, Raheem has enlisted the talents of Shaneil Muir for an upcoming single, poised to set the scene ablaze. With Valiant, Armanii and other artists also on board, the 'Top Tier' Riddim promises to be an electrifying showcase of dancehall's brightest stars.

Behind the scenes, Diplomats insiders reveal Raheem's unwavering commitment and boundless potential. "He's working with a lot of potential to become a leading producer in the dancehall landscape," sources tell Kaboom Mag, echoing the sentiment of an industry eagerly awaiting Raheem's next move.

As the beat pulsates and the dancehall scene evolves, Raheem stands at the precipice of greatness, poised to carve his name into the annals of music history. With each rhythm he crafts, he cements his status as a visionary producer, destined to shape the soundscape of tomorrow.


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