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  • Akeeile Harris

Hugo Boss Records Aims for Dancehall's Elite With Trending Hits

With two chart-topping singles, including Skippa's "Hugo" and Jamal's "Never Fear," the emerging producers aim for the top: "working with anyone willing to put in the work"

Scenes from Jamal's "Never Fear"

In Jamaica's urban heart, hardcore dancehall reigns supreme. It's the breeding ground for fresh talent, up-and-coming producers, and tracks that speak to gritty realities. Talented producer 1 Hugo Boss Music Ltd epitomizes this scene.

Currently, he is basking on the success of two trending releases. One is the latest from dancehall newcomer Skippa, "Hugo," currently holding the 4th spot on Jamaica's YouTube Trending Charts and also securing the 2nd spot on the Apple Music Top 25 chart in Kingston. This track cleverly samples Rihanna's 2013 hit "Stay" and showcases Skippa's lyrical prowess and distinctive flow. Co-produced by Hugo Boss Records alongside Benjii Rainzz Records and RichTogetherEnt, it's a testament to their collaborative power.

Also making waves is Jamal's "Never Fear," currently holding the 5th spot. This fresh release is the brainchild of the dynamic duo Hugo Boss Music LTD and Benjii Rainzz.

Trelawny-based Hugo Boss Music, has collaborated with several dancehall new-era talents including Malie Donn, Kraff, Takeova, Kant10t, Najeeriii, and more.

Hugo Boss's ambition extends to collaborating with emerging dancehall talents such as Valiant and RajahWild, while also aiming for partnerships with heavyweight acts like Popcaan and Masicka. "I'm open to working with anyone willing to put in the work," The Producer affirms, reflecting their inclusive approach to collaboration.


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