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On the spotlight: Aidonia

The dancehall star converts his current personal misfortune into hope with renewed focus on releasing multiple hit songs

Aidonia, finding some hope by the music (Kyro Smoke)

What dancehall star Aidonia has opted to do since his recent personal tragedy is simply admirable. The loss of his son, King Khalif to a long battle with illness, have led to a renewed resurgence of the '1Voice' artiste, born Sheldon Lawrence has simply turned his personal grief into hope and is again fully focused on his musical career.

Aidonia and his wife, Kimberly, both have displayed great strength in this time of grief and have since tattooed their son’s name in tribute of his everlasting memories. While still grieving, the hitmaking deejay has returned to the place that may give him some of his most comfort; the recording studio.

Now back to recording since mourning his young son’s passing, he released the emotional track titled 'Faith' in January 2023, which depicts Aidonia in a more subdued mood as expected by most. The deep chorus comes with the positive message, "Faith moves mountains, every blessing, count dem", the artiste sings in a gloomier mood than what we are usually accustomed too from the deejay. The artwork for the track was shared on his Instagram platform before its release, displaying a silhouette of himself in a praying stance.

The 41-year-old deejay was embraced by his immediate environment, one of whom is his protégé, dancehall heavyweight, Govana, who has since solidified his name in the industry with obvious guidance from his mentor & friend, Aidonia. Throughout the difficult times of mourning, the pair have been seen using the hashtag, #BrothersKeeper to emphasize how strong and stable their bond is, as well as a heavily rumored collaborative album title. In what may be a track from the rumored album; they joined forces on the song, 'Earthquake', which showed some level of returning to normalcy as the deejays are again on a happier and more female-targeted topic; a girl song with visuals to match its raunchy 'sex-sells' hitting lyrics.

It's evident that Aidonia is still mourning, as would any regular human being but is now clearly fully focused on his recovery and has no intentions to slow down in his musical outputs as another single has graced the digital platforms; 'Frsh Drop' is already gaining viral momentum. He has been seen attaching a catchy dance routine to the song in numerous outings posted on his Instagram page.

We chose to salute Aidonia for choosing music and embracing life at this dismal time. Aidonia you deserve all the success that you have garnered over the years as well as what’s left to come.

Already aiming for the summer hits (Kyro Smoke)


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