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Nervz returns with ‘Street College 2’

The dancehall artiste, Nervz has dropped a 24-track mixtape including a collaboration with Chronic Law ("it’s always a joy working with chronic law") and promises an ‘exclusive’ experience to the listeners

Nervz with Chronic Law, "it’s always a joy for me when I get a chance to make a big move"

The recording artiste, Nervz, is wasting no time after his debut project; ‘Street College’ in 2021. The dancehall artist recently launched the follow-up edition, ‘Street College 2’ mixtape, based on the fans’ positive reactions to the initial project.

The 24-track mixtape was produced by multiple labels and producers including Quantanium Records and Remalinks Records among others such as; Huntaz Records and Kyle Butler from Dynasty Ent. Most of the project is characterized by the current typical sound of dancehall with trap influences, with relevant topics to satisfy all types of listeners. “A lot more great producers and young producers are involved in this project”, he said. “The vibe has always been uplifting and memorable, we create joy throughout all our sessions to make the music relatable and joyful”, as he looked back on the production process.

The artiste showcases his hard-hitting flow in singles like ‘Gangsta Party’, ‘Clock Work’ and ‘On and On’. He also approached the girls on the afro-dancehall singles; ‘Normally’ and ‘Me and She’.

The deejay once again teamed up with dancehall star, Chronic Law for the ‘Third Eye’ single, which followed the single, 'Hustling Gene' which they have already released. "The chemistry with Law Boss is crazy. It’s always a joy and experience for me when I’m working with chronic law", he expressed.

"The chemistry with Law Boss is crazy" (Tejano Taylor, Kaboom Media)

The collaborates are not only with 'Law Boss', but also delivers singles with the rising dancehall artiste, Ai Milly on ‘Focus’ and also with young artistes such as; Furnis and Elcitcho. "Ai Milly is very creative with his style and sound, I never had a bad session working with Milly", he said.

Driven by a desire for hard work to reap success, the artiste even held a promotional tour in England last year. "I’ve been putting out music, staying consistent, and blessing the ears of my supporters with songs like 'Dark and 'Stubborn' (featuring Kyodi), 'Brixton Lifestyle', 'Huntaz' and many more", he added. "I’d say my whole career, it’s always a joy for me when I get a chance to make a big move. From collaboration to performing for the fans. It’s all blessings", said the musician.

Another major boost to his budding career was at a recent performance alongside Chronic Law and current dancehall leading force, Valiant at a local event in Mountain View, Jamaica. “It’s a joy as I said before, just the moment of being around other great dancehall acts makes the job more entertaining and exciting. The experience was great, pleasing the fans is all we do as good entertainers. So when it’s time to put on a show, you’ll get one”, he shared.

With hope for great success, while maintaining consistency in his craft, Nervz promises listeners a solid body of work from start to finish. "The fans will have a great time listening to this tape. it’s exclusive because of the ways it’s constructed. I know each song will impress the supporters. The creativity behind the tape makes it exclusive".

Nervz shared the stage with Valiant and Chronic Law (Tejano Taylor, Kaboom Media)


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