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Must-Know Singles: Mavado, Kartel, Popcaan, and 6 More

Weekly Highlights: Mavado and Chronic Law deliver brilliant melodies, Popcaan with a dynamic collab, while The 9ine, Pablo YG, and Denyque send sensual singles

L-R: Mavado, Pablo YG, Popcaan, Jahvillani (Photo: Jamar Cleary, Rickayla Mcneil)

As the year draws to a close, the routine remains unchanged. Another week of fresh music, videos, and noteworthy highlights awaits. Are you ready? Let's begin.

Mavado – ‘No Sorry’ Mavado makes a triumphant comeback with his immaculate melodies, delivering a single that serves as a potent reminder of his strength. His message is uncompromising and fearless, directed squarely at his adversaries. The Gully Gad unmistakably showcases his prowess once again.

Popcaan, Vybz Kartel, Fivio Foreign – ‘Tequila Shots’ An impressive collaboration brings together the Int'l dancehall Popcaan, the renowned 'World Boss' Vybz Kartel, and American rapper Fivio Foreign. They trade verses and use tequila shots to charm the ladies, while the music video enhances the single's popularity even more.

Chronic Law – ‘War Cycle’ Been In A wat and persisting with a warlike demeanor, Chronic Law, often dubbed the dancehall therapist, once more showcases his remarkable melodic prowess in a new single that perfectly aligns with his signature style. This is his cycle, the realm of war. His ultimate goal is to emerge victorious in this ongoing battle.

Vybz Kartel – ‘Cash’ The chemistry between Vybz Kartel and the renowned producer Shabdon Records has consistently resulted in hit singles in the past. Kartel, known as a skillful songwriter, narrates his life journey, which revolves around accumulating wealth and achieving success, all while reveling in the pleasures of life in "Cash" – a track that promises girls, riches, and success stories.

The 9ine Ft. Rubi Rose – ‘Obsessed With Me’ Emerging dancehall sensation, The 9ine, maintains his ascent in the music scene through collaborations with female artistes. Following a successful collab with dancehall diva Jada Kingdom, he now shares seductive melodies with American rapper Rubi Rose, as they intertwine their personal experiences with intimacy to craft a compelling narrative.

Denyque – ‘Between Me & You’ Dancehall songstress Denyque wrapped the controversial single with a video that gives a tangible feeling to her sex-drenched song. She presents the secrets of her bedroom in a precise visual.

Jahvillani – ‘Bless Me’ Every so often, Jahvillani graces us with his enchanting melodies, and it's happening once more in his latest release from the mind of the creator of Black State and Anju Blaxx. God has showered him with blessings, transforming him from days of poverty and hunger to a life marked by resilience and stability.

Deep Jahi – ‘Vengeance’ Deep Jahi delivers a powerful single where he blends his lyrical mastery with a thirst for vengeance. With the signature melodies and flow that define this northern coast artiste, he once again earns recognition for an undeniably captivating track.

Pablo YG – ‘Cya Rub Out’ Pablo YG's talent takes center stage once more as he crafts a captivating single aimed at capturing the hearts of the ladies. With his mesmerizing flow and a sultry music video, he finds himself soaring up the YouTube Jamaica trending charts once again.


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