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Modern Afro Dancehall Sensation Starr Releases Debut EP 'Punani'

Rising artist Starr has released her highly anticipated debut EP with hopes of capturing the attention of the audience. all details are here

Starr brought her infectious vibrations to the project (Now Or Never)

Rising Modern Afro Dancehall artiste, Starr has released her highly anticipated debut EP, "PUNANI." This 5-track project showcases Starr's explosive energy, captivating listeners with infectious beats and empowering lyrics.

The EP starts with the confident smack-talking anthem, "So What," setting the tone for the audacious and exhilarating journey awaiting listeners. Drawing inspiration from her Jamaican background, Starr seamlessly blends elements of Afrobeat and Dancehall, infusing them with her unique modern twist. Each track on 'PUNANI' is a testament to her dedication and passion for music, showcasing her exceptional talent and versatility.

Dancehall music, rooted in Jamaican culture, has gained worldwide popularity due to its infectious rhythms, captivating melodies, and vibrant lyrics. With "Punani" Starr brings her unique flair to the genre, combining traditional elements with contemporary influences to create a fresh and captivating sound.

Listeners can expect an electrifying experience as they immerse themselves in the pulsating beats and infectious melodies of 'Punani.' Starr's EP is a testament to her artistry, showcasing her ability to create music that entertains, empowers, and uplifts.

"I started doing music as fun, playing around with sounds native to my Jamaican background. This project is a labor of love. I want girls to feel confident and sexy when they hear these tracks. I want fellas to understand we're not playing around. It's fun, vibrant, and everything I love," Starr shares on the creation of the EP.

Released independently via Starrr Records, 'Punani' is now available on all major streaming platforms. From the title track, 'Punani,' to the sultry and high-energy cuts throughout the EP, Starr's musical prowess shines brightly, leaving no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Starr, Influenced by her Jamaican roots (The Now Or Never)

Starr Dawkins, known by her stage name Starr, is a rising star in the world of Modern Afro Dancehall music. Born in Jamaica and raised in Miami, Starr's passion for music began at a young age, and she quickly honed her skills as a singer, songwriter, and performer. known for her "4 Life" collaboration featuring the dancehall artiste, Jahshii. With her debut EP, 'Punani,' Starr is ready to take the music industry by storm, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of listeners worldwide.


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