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  • Akeeile Harris

Masicka, Mavado, Govana & 6 More: Top Singles of the Week

Masicka's lyrical prowess shines with wondrous metaphors, Mavado's focus is on captivating the ladies, while Govana, Chronic Law, and Jah Vinci display their impressive melodies. Who else is worth a listen?

L-R: Mavado, Chronic Law, Masicka, Jah Vinci

Masicka elevates his melodic prowess to new heights, Mavado continues to entice with sultry melodies, and other artists leverage their talents to add another single to their portfolios. Is there more spots in your playlist?

Masicka - ‘Limelight’ With his undisputed lyrical ability, Masicka once again delivers a masterpiece in the form of 'Limelight'. Wrapped in rhymes and metaphors that only he can conjure, the deejay reminds us once more that he's here to stay at the top, or, in fact, he's been there and just wants to ensure it's right.

Mavado – ‘Please’ Mavado, renowned for his exquisite melodies that have consistently charmed the opposite sex, returns with a new single exuding sensuality and provocative lyrics. The Gully Gad shines in all his lyrical brilliance.

Govana – ‘System’ As the year draws to a close, Govana refines his lyrical prowess and underscores his ability to navigate the diverse musical landscapes. His repertoire is characterized by a mix of melodies and singles imbued with humor, showcasing his exceptional versatility. When he encounters Sponge's riddim, he effortlessly crafts the perfect lyrics to launch a potential hit.

Chronic Law – ‘Program A Run’ Despite releasing multiple singles every month, Chronic Law consistently manages to find the perfect lyrics for each beat, establishing himself as the dancehall therapist. He meticulously plans from night to morning to secure his place in the arena.

Jah Vinci – ‘My Faith’ As Jah Vinci's music has served as a source of upliftment over the years, the world singer once again grappling with obstacles or going through challenging times, this song offers a message of encouragement and unwavering faith that should be heard and embraced.

Najeeriii – ‘Hackadat’ Emerging dancehall sensation, Najeeriii, showcases his creative prowess once more as he dazzles with a fresh single. Harnessing his imaginative mind and distinctive style, Najeeriii seamlessly transitions between realms, weaving captivating rhymes and delivering yet another irresistible track.

Tatik Ft. Chronic Law – ‘Chronic Law’ The seamless fusion of Tatik's smooth vocals and Law Boss's brilliant melodies results in a single that truly embodies the latter's signature style. Tatik's versatile talent shines as he makes the deliberate choice to collaborate with Chronic Law, with both artists effortlessly exchanging melodies and complementing each other.

Malie – 'Tidal Wave' Malie Donn continues to make waves as he releases a new single that prominently showcases his signature flow and style. He complements his music with sensual visuals, adding another dynamic track to his growing repertoire, and solidifying his status as an emerging artiste on the rise.

Skippa – 'Going On' Skippa's style and lyrics in his latest single convey a strong sense of determination and self-reliance. He makes it abundantly clear that he is not relying on anyone else to achieve his goal of a successful life.

Nordia Mothersille – 'Hide & Seek' Nordia Mothersill is an incredibly talented artist who, regrettably, has not yet received the recognition her exceptional abilities merit. Her velvety and gentle voice once more takes center stage on a reggae-influenced track, leaving listeners in awe with her precise and distinct lyrics.


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