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Dancehall star Aidonia recruits Mavado for an intriguing new music project

The experienced deejay previews an intriguing music production featuring fellow artistes Vanessa Bling and Posh Morris

L-R: Aidonia, Mavado, Vanessa Bling (Photo Credit: Jamar Cleary, Dj Peepz, Rickayla Mcneil) The dancehall star Aidonia recruits a fellow star for an intriguing project. The 'Fresh Drop' deejay continues to make his steps in the field of music production besides his career as a leading dancehall force.

Partnering with his label, Banga House Music Group, Aidonia is unveiling an exhilarating new riddim, co-produced alongside Haunted Music. This riddim boasts the single 'Please' by fellow dancehall star Mavado, in addition to tracks from Vanessa Bling, featuring 'Mood Swing,' and the up-and-coming dancehall artist Posh Morris, who contributes her single 'Striptease' to this project.

According to insiders from Kaboom, it's anticipated that more artists will be added to the upcoming project, which is slated for a near-future release. Notably, Aidonia himself is expected to make a his contribution to this riddim.

This isn't the label's first compilation this year, after 'Fresh Drop' released earlier this year following the success of Aidonia's theme single, became a project that included singles from dancehall artists such as Ding Dong, Govana and Kraff.


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