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Behind Valiant's meteoric success: Highlighting the Management Process

Introducing Althieno Mcfarlene, manager to prominent Jamaican artiste Valiant expounding on their journey in the music industry

Valiant on the line with Chopline (Rickayla Mcneil)

Behind every artist, are a team of persons who cohesively work together to take their careers to the next level. The importance of professional management has proven itself the key to success for every artist in the music industry. Understanding the roles and responsibilities that being a manager entails, it is no different for 'Chopline Records' C.E.O, Althieno Mcfarlane who has contributed significantly (along with Diplomat Records and Crown Heights Entertainment) to the success of Jamaican entertainer Raheem Bowes better known as Valiant, successful rise to stardom.

Mcfarlene deeply expounded on his involvement in the music production industry as well as the success of Valiant’s music. "The first single we collaborated on was a trap song in 2019 as trap dancehall became very popular in that year", he expressed. "Due to its popularity, I was inspired to create the name Chopline Records", he further added.

In listing his accolades, Mcfarlene has produced and co-produced many hit singles for Valiant that we all know and love today. This includes his breakout single 'St.Mary' which was released last year gaining over 11 million views on Youtube. "We definitely expected that Valiant would get this far in his career", he continued.

"We definitely expected that Valiant would get this far in his career" (Cortsey of Choplibne Records)

In a short period of time, Valiant continues to imprint his name in dancehall music. Consistently releasing new music daily, it is undeniable that his persistent effort has contributed tremendously to his fast success. "Basically we were prepared for this moment", he said. "We knew that each song he'd release would be successful. As soon as we dropped songs we knew immediately that we would have to follow each release with one being better than the previous", he added.

Known to Jamaica as an artist whose heart is in tune with his fans, Mcfarlene went on to further divulge with Kaboom, the balance between his personal and business relationship with Valiant. "It’s not hard, because we are friends first", he expressed. Highlighting the key importance of having a personal relationship with an artist he further added, "We know and understand each other personally so it is very easy to relate to him. His ability to take constructive criticism as well as his humility makes him extremely easy to work with."

With trending singles such as 'Glock 40', 'Barbie's' and 'Narcissistic' featuring the rising female star, Stalk Ashley, Valiant continues to build a strong connection with his fanbase. Still being relatively new to the scene, Mcfarlene praises Valiant’s confidence and ability to be himself, which aided in Valiant’s meteoric rise to stardom. "A lot of people can relate to his music and his lifestyle. So there are many people out there that really feel close to him. It's like listening to someone they have known for a very long time. He's really in tune with fans", he expressed.

Co-producing Valiant’s hit singles 'More money a mek' and 'Cut all Loses', Chopline Records continues to work effortlessly in finding strategic ways to push and highlight Valiant’s musical talent. With goals to continue precise preparation, the producer-manager is set to deliver a new project this May which will feature multiple dancehall artists.

Valiant, "His ability to take constructive criticism makes him extremely easy to work with" (Rickayla Mcneil)


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