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Major collaborations and trending topics: the standout songs of the week

Valiant and Skillibeng became real estate agents while Ding Dong, Tommy Lee, Aidonia and Kraff intensifies the summer. Here is the full list

wide range of possibilities over te weekend

What a musical week we've had with a massive number of releases, major collaborations, potential hits and a wide range of possibilities. Here are our picks that made the list?

Valiant Ft. Skillibeng & Kraff – ‘Real Estate’

The highly anticipated collaboration met the expectations of this major release. Three of Dancehall's current leading forces showcase their lyrical prowess in a purposeful display. Skillibeng shoots lyrics in his familiar rap style, Kraff added his well-known trap flavor with Valiant on the hook with his self-titled ‘Choppa-Gospel’ singing ability for a well-constructed track. The beat matches well with the three artistes who act as real estate agents in the music video.

Tommy Lee Sparta Ft. Ding Dong – ‘Guzu Bounce’

Ever since Tommy Lee Sparta once again became a free man, he has been maintaining the high energy level of dancehall. After his previous hit single, 'Guzu Bunx Fadda Rock' with current dancehall frontrunner, Valiant and 'Tic Tac Toe' which included Valiant and Rvssian, the Sparta Boss collaborates with the ‘Flairy’ artiste, Ding Dong for another rhythmic dancing single to further infiltrate the summer.

Aidonia – ‘Gadly’

Aidonia has returned to top gear in recent times and on this track, his familiar flow matches well with the wordplay of the ‘1Voice’ artiste who is once again validating a new track. "if me shoot mi nuh miss, Bradley Beal", sings Aidonia who, unleashed on the slightly infused hip-hop-dancehall beat. The single is matched by an outstanding music video shot by the top team of Shane Creative and Tnonc.

Spice – ‘Jealous’

The queen of dancehall, Spice, delivers her clear message – “I'm here to stay”, without changing her authentic dancehall style she used her wealth of experience to shoot hard-hitting lyrics over the beat that bounced her back onto the trending charts in YouTube Jamaica.

Chronic Law – 'Chip Rifle'

The dancehall therapist has music for every mood and every topic. The Law Boss hit machine delivers again on what can be described as his favorite topic - badness. His lyrical skills are unmatched and when it meets this dark melodic beat, it’s the formula for another trending single.

Qwella, Stalk Ashley - 'Boujie Bitch Remix’ Stalk Ashley brings her sensuality to The Remix. With her smooth and soulful vocals, Ashley has become a highly demanded singer by artistes for hit collaborations. On this, an already previously viral project, she brought her recognizable voice wrapped with her lyrical sensual prowess to blend seamlessly with Qwella's flow for the remix.

RajahWild Ft. Bayka – ‘Hell Will Raise’

These two young talents with strong voices joined forces on a new single touching some current relevant topics. RajahWild's lyrical prowess is further proven with brilliant wordplay while Bayka's lyrical skills gave the stamp of approval for another potential hit song for the two.

Byron Messia – ‘I Hate Byron’

Byron Messia is tired of being hated. One of the hottest names in dancehall space comes with a clear message, "The dancehall most hated", referring to all his haters, “I'm not really counting you”. The magically melodic beat matches wonderfully with his flow, as the Kittian artiste proves that he actually can sing.

Kraff – ‘Ruff C’

From 'Calm C' to 'Ruff C'. Once again the producer Countree Hype comes up with a mesmerizing beat, and the young rising talent, Kraff embraces it very well. Kraff showcases his lyrical prowess matched seamlessly with his similar trappy flow. As he gears up for the release of his upcoming EP, the north coast singjay is once again infiltrating the trending charts.

Alkaline – 'Open A Brain'

Alkaline is always prepared for lyrical war and has never shown signs of retreat. The 'Man Himself’ as he is referred to, studies the game over the years and if he cites opportunity for a lyrical clash, he usually gets in an aggressive mood and fires militant words.

Najeeri – ‘Panton’

Life is knowing how to identify opportunities and move forward with them. That's exactly what rising dancehall artiste, Najeeri does in his new release. The teenager uses his unique flow to create an entertaining song about the most publicized SSL fraud led by the accused, Jean-Ann Panton. The music video is also an accurate parody of the entire saga of the arrest situation.

Nhancea – ‘Worthy’

Nhance is an intriguing talent in the Jamaican landscape. The rising young man from Portmore once again demonstrates his lyrical ability in a song that goes great with this infectious beat. He has a long way to go, but it looks like a worthy start.

Stefflon Don with 'Move It', Dovey Magnum who rocks the prestigious fashion design 'Tory Burch', Shenseea proves that she knows dancehall with her 'Talk Truth' and I-Octane with his single 'Speed Up Di Process' are also worth mentioning in this busy music week.


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