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  • Akeeile Harris

Kyoka Drops 'I Can't Lose' and Echoes Versatility and Authenticity

The emerging Jamaican talent delves deep into each single, promising to captivate audiences while teasing unreleased tracks and exciting collaborations

Kyoka, Delving Deep into Each Single

From her breakout track 'Hurt People,' emerging Jamaican talent Kyoka delves deep into each single, leaving her mark on the vibrant landscape of Jamaican dancehall with her distinctive voice.

Born Tasheka Kyoka Bernard and hailing from Steer Town, St. Ann, as well as Montego Bay, St. James, Kyoka has recently unveiled her latest single, 'I Can't Lose,' continuing to convey profound messages through her music. "'Hurt People' was basically my introduction to the music industry. Since then it’s been a great feeling to know that people are really listening to the music I put out no matter how big or small that audience is. I’d like to think that I’m very versatile so exploring new styles and sounds comes pretty naturally for me," expressed the talented singer in an interview with Kaboom Magazine.

Regarding her latest release, she emphasized that it focuses on her musical journey, encompassing both highs and lows. "This song is really just based on my music journey and what I feel. Some days I want to be able to give my best, but most days it’s hard because I might not get the best reaction and like I said in the song, it’s fine," she remarked. "I have patience, what is for me will be for me. Safe to say all my songs so far are based on true stories," She added.

Singing "'What's Love? Nuh Need That. tell them gimme mine now'," Kyoka is forging her way in an industry largely dominated by males, merging lyrics that underscore her assertion that this is her moment to break through. "I just feel like we need to be given more opportunities in terms of collaboration, etc. I try my best to be myself because that is how I’m able to do what I do best. Whatever I put out, I’m doing it from my heart, not for the money and not for the fame. Hopefully, it connects with the right set of people," Kyoka deeply shared.

Carefully building her catalog, Kyoka delves into profound messages and captivates her audience. Last year, she graced significant stage events, including the 'Streetz Festival' hosted by dancehall star Masicka, where she welcomed Chronic Law on stage. "I’m building a fan base that believes in me and what it is I’m capable of doing and bringing to the music industry as a female artiste. I’ve received a lot of DMs from people all around saying they love my sound and that they relate to whatever message I’m sending," she reflected.

Under the guidance of Producer/Promoter Nicholas 'Zimi' Mahfoud, Kyoka is confident she's in good hands for the future. "We both have a lot to learn and I’m excited for that. Zimi has been great so far and I appreciate everything we’ve done. We have a lot more to do and great things to achieve," Kyoka shared.

As mentioned, Kyoka has a wealth of unreleased music, carefully building anticipation and garnering support from her fellow artists. "I have tons of unreleased music that I can’t wait for my fans to hear because I know they’ll love it," she promised and revealed. "I also have a few collaborations lined up, including with Law Boss and others, and I can’t wait for those to drop as well. Just great music and great things ahead," Kyoka stated confidently.


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