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Fiesta Fever: Armanii's Chart-Topping Journey in Dancehall

Armanii is leveraging the momentum from his current hit single to surf the wave of success, earning the title of Kaboom's Artist of the Month

Armanii, Riding the momentum

Armanii's talent has been making waves in the dancehall scene for over two years, starting with the breakout single "Wild & Wikid" and further cemented with "Party Time," featuring fellow dancehall artiste The 9ine. However, April saw a significant surge with the hit "Haad" (Fiesta), propelling him into the spotlight and earning him genuine recognition.

This serves as the opening act for the summer project "Fiesta" by Billboard producer DJ Mac and Crash Dummy Production. Nevertheless, it's the current hit single that has thrust Armanii into the limelight.

The chart-topping single dominates both the Apple Top 40 and Jamaica's iTunes Top 100, and currently racked up 1.8 million views on Youtube. Sampling R Kelly's 'Fiesta' from 2001, it blends nostalgic vibes with the essence of summer.

Armanii, given name Armanii Moodie, is currently enjoying a substantial boost thanks to the success of his single. He's capitalizing on this momentum, refining his craft, making some appearances at local stage events, showcasing improved stage skills, and even securing opportunities to tour overseas. Sometimes, all it takes is the right connection.


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