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  • Akeeile Harris

Dancehall newcomer Mugs teams up with Capella Grey for his debut EP, 'Kalling App'

Collaborating with producer Countree Hype, Mugs delivers a diverse 9-track EP, with the standout track being "Like This"

Rising talent, Mugs

Dancehall newcomer Mugs is set drop his debut EP, "Kalling App," slated for release at the end of May. Teaming up with producer Countree Hype, the Jamaican sensation delivers a 9-track EP offering a range of diverse songs, each with its own unique vibe.

Mugs, born Curtis Hamilton, joins forces with American rapper Capella Grey for a standout collaboration titled "Like This," which serves as the project's highlight single.

Capella Grey, born to Jamaican parents, gained recognition for his dancehall-infused hit "Gyalis," which has amassed 31 million views on YouTube. The duo reunites in New York City, where Mugs has spent recent months honing his craft.

Other producers who contributed to the project include Escobar Records and Momentum Entertainment, with additional tracks such as "Vent" and the others produced by Countree Hype.


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