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  • Akeeile Harris

Jquan sets his sights on Valentine's Day with "Since Lately"

Rising dancehall artist collaborates with Shynal Music and Malik Muzick on a sultry single dedicated to the ladies

Jquan, expands his musical catalog (Photo: Shot By Deth)

Rising dancehall artist Jquan is setting his sights on captivating the hearts of the ladies this Valentine's Day with his freshest single, "Since Lately," featured on the Lady's Ambition riddim, a production collaboration between ShynalMusic and Malik Muzick.

In "Since Lately," Jquan skillfully demonstrates his versatility and distinctive flair, effortlessly blending various flows to complement the rhythm. Joining him on this project are artists such as Tatik, SSense Dwyer, Dehema, and Suspense.

In 2023, Jquan experienced a pivotal turning point in his career, marked by the meteoric rise of his viral sensation, "Chakka." Garnering over 5 million views on YouTube and achieving millions of streams on TikTok, the track catapulted Jquan to prominence, firmly establishing him as one of the most talked-about artists of the preceding year.

Shynal Music, an emerging producer, is making waves with tracks like "Ambition" by Tatik, which has garnered an impressive 5.4 million views on YouTube to date. Collaborating with talents such as Nhance, Kraff, Ai Milly and Biggs Don among others.


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