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  • Akeeile Harris

Jiggy D, RajahWild, & Brysco Drop 'Muk' Video; Fans React with Excitement

Rising dancehall stars RajahWild and Brysco shine in the released video, drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves and vibes

RajahWild, creativity is paramount

Dancehall producer Jiggy D, accompanied by rising stars RajahWild and Brysco, released the eagerly awaited music video for their viral single 'Muk' in early April, sparking a flurry of impassioned reactions from fans.

The video, directed by Lagikz Supreme, seamlessly blends disco and pop elements, enhancing the irresistible rhythm crafted by Sean 'Sean God' Wright and Jiggy D. Inspired by Michael Jackson's legendary dance moves, the beat effortlessly fuses pop melodies with dancehall vibes. "Got the idea from veteran DJ/producer Richie poo (My dad) & Sean God and I went cooking & brought it to Rajah & Brysco & they ready fi dish out," explained Jiggy D.

Within hours of its release, 'Muk' entered the YouTube's trending charts, generating a wave of humorous comments from fans, such as "My grandma's rocking to this" and "A+ for creativity, A+ for vibes." With anticipation mounting, it's clear that this release marks the beginning of an exciting summer project.

There's buzz surrounding upcoming singles being added to the project, with speculations suggesting artists like Biggs Don, Marksman, and others may join the mix, intensifying the anticipation.


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