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Jahshii and Silk Boss's Feud Ends as They Unite for 'Goliath & David' Single

The longstanding feud between dancehall entertainers comes to an end as both artists preview a single produced by Jiggy D

L-R: Jahshii, Jiggy D, Silk Boss (Photo: Jamar Cleary, Rickayla Mcneil)

The ongoing feud between dancehall entertainers Jahshii and Silk Boss seems to have reached its end, as both musicians have come together to collaborate on a new single titled "Goliath & David," which was produced by Jiggy D.

JiggyD hinted at their reconciliation by sharing a photo of the trio in the recording studio, emphasizing the importance of unity with the caption, "Unity a strength, Cyah mek dem divide we”."

Earlier in 2022, Silk Boss directed lyrical attacks towards Jahshii in diss tracks like "Facts" and "Runner," highlighting Jahshii's silence in response. However, Jahshii, stated he won't engage in a lyrical battle with Silk Boss.

Reports suggest the feud began when Jahshii mocked Silk Boss's vehicle, which appeared to be in need of repair, on Instagram.


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