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  • Akeeile Harris

Sean God: The Maestro Behind Bayka's Hits and Memorable Coldplay Encounters

Learning from Coldplay, Establishing himself as a leading producer, and creating hits for Bayka. Sean God takes the Spotlight

Sean Gad, The architect of many hits

A rising producer in the prolific dancehall scene in recent years is Sean Wright, better known as Sean God. Responsible for the biggest hits of emerging dancehall star Bayka, and who oversees his development closely, but at the meantime Sean God has built a name for himself in recent years alongside working with many dancehall stars.

"I was introduced to music at an early age through my father, a self-taught musician," he shared who designed his journey.

Bayka, "His talent is unique and natural" (Photo: Ace Pxl)

Among his leading projects so far he mentions Bayka's 'She Like It' including the remix with rapper Stefflon Don, Bayka's breakout single 'Mobster' is also signed to him as are other singles by the rising Kingstonian talent such as 'Mobstyle,' 'Tokyo,' 'Build a Vibes' among others. he expresses admiration for the young Kingstonian talent, stating, "I am the executive producer of Bayka's single. His talent is unique and natural." Wright also played a role in composing Bayka's latest release, 'Gracias,' produced by Zimi Records & Outdeh Records.

Sean God who wears the moniker 'Sean God The Baddest' also worked with producer JiggyD with Skeng and Kaka Highflames on the hit 'Shak,' and also with artists such as Jafrass, Quella, and more.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed Jamaican producers like Bobby Digital, Don Corleone, Di Genius, Dave Kelly, and Delly Ranks, he also acknowledges the influence of international figures such as Kanye West and Timbaland, who have significantly shaped his style.

Celebrating a significant milestone through insights gained from interactions with the iconic British rock band Coldplay, Sean God reflects on his remarkable journey. He highlights key experiences, stating, "My major experience so far would be the opportunity has been meeting producer Max Martin, the Coldplay Band, and observing the session techniques of Coldplay's engineer, Bill Rahko, using Pro Tools."

Sean Gad, learning from the best

Having collaborated with Coldplay, Sean God is fueled by a clear aspiration. "My ultimate goal is to craft timeless music that resonates globally, consistently bringing fresh elements to every genre I engage in", he shared.


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