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Jada Kingdom Offers a Mesmerizing Twist to Sizzla's Classic with 'Those Days'

Collaborating with Di Genius, the dancehall songstress introduces an enchanting twist to Sizzla's timeless classic

Jada Kingdom Infuses Mesmerizing Twist into Iconic Single

In a dazzling homage to Sizzla's iconic 1997 track, 'Just One of Those Days,' dancehall songstress Jada Kingdom has unveiled her highly awaited single 'Those Days.' This release showcases a distinctive and genuine interpretation of a classic reggae piece, enriched with Jada's enchanting embellishments.

With a seamless fusion of her velvety vocals and melodies that undergo a subtle transformation, Jada Kingdom effortlessly rides the beat, a collaborative creation with the renowned Jamaican producer Di Genius. The production unfolded in the studios of the accomplished American mixing and mastering duo, Niko Marzouca & Robert Marks.

Having previously joined forces with Di Genius last year on several chart-topping hits, including 'Which Gyal' and 'Turn Me On' (Featuring The 9ine), Jada Kingdom continues the successful streak that began with the dancehall hit 'GPP.'

Anticipating her upcoming release, the 25-year-old songstress is poised to unveil her rendition of Rvssian's popular 'Dutty Money Riddim,' having already offered a tantalizing glimpse of her version on the beat through her Instagram story.


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