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Artiste on the Spotlight: Valiant

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The dancehall industry in Jamaica is a breeding ground for talents, but dominance like Valiant's does not usually happen. Even the prestigious magazine of Vogue has already recognized the star in the making

Valiant, potential to become a giant in the dancehall industry (Riphotography)

Jamaica's local music industry continues to see young talents emerge almost every day, but a rapid surge like Valiant's doesn't happen routinely.

Raheem Bowes, better known as Valiant, just made a dramatic leap to stardom in the dancehall industry. First making waves with the slang "Kotch E Hat, A Lie", he quickly became a household name.

He continued with the release of popular hits such as 'St. Mary', 'North Carolina', 'Siance', 'Speed Off', 'Dunce Cheque' and more, which become trended for weeks on the charts at one point with 7 tracks in the top 10 on iTunes at once.

His hit song 'Dunce Cheque' currently has over 11 million views on YouTube at the time, and new songs popping up almost every week such as 'Barbie's', 'Narcissistic' featuring rising dancehall star, Stalk Ashley, 'Glock 40' and others, which have also surpassed up to a million views on YouTube, and still counting.

The road to becoming a giant in the dancehall industry even received a powerful boost when the prestigious magazine, Vogue, marked him as an artist to watch in 2023. did we already say, a star around the corner?


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