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Is this another hint that the ‘Talibans’ remix by Byron Messia & Burna Boy is on the way?

The African giant's Official DJ excited the audience with the smash hit single of the dancehall sensation. Is this another hint for the rumored collaboration?

Byron Messia and Burna Boy, Close musical relations

Dancehall sensation, Byron Messia continues to create headlines with his colossal hit single 'Talibans', seemingly on his way to a major remix with the Afrobeat international superstar, Burna Boy.

It can't be denied that 'Talibans' has become a very popular song among the elite of artistes both locally and overseas while Burna Boy who previously seemed to hum the song in a viral clip, is definitely one of them.

Last night at the Citi Field stadium in New York, Burna Boy celebrated one year since the release of his masterpiece album 'Love Damini', while his official DJ; Spaceshop Billy played Byron's smash hit single in West Ham Stadium in London in front of people, during his set ay another party and gained tremendous popularity from the audience.

Both artistes met at the St. Kitts Music Festival and even shared a picture together starting rumors of their upcoming remix.

In June it was the R&B star, Chris Brown who also revealed his remix version of the song, however, it is not clear if it is an official remix or just another evidence of the huge popularity of the single.

The Jamaican-born, Kitian Dancehall artiste tighten his musical catalog when he recently collaborated with Romiech Entertainment for the single 90'z D which has already surpassed 4.3 million views on YouTube, while his Singel, 'I Hate Byron' produced by his label Ztekk, is also approaching a million views on the same platform.

Byron Messia got Burna Boy on the 'Talibans' remix?

He also has two unreleased songs with dancehall heavyweight producer, Rvssian and also Slingerz Records, for both he already did a video shoot.

His leading single, 'Talibans'', already with over 33 million views on Youtube while it amassed over 13 million listeners on Spotify to date.

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