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Emerging Talent WHOSRILA Has Released 'Gratitude' with a Captivating Music Video

A rising Jamaican talent has just released a new project showcasing his rap artistry, complemented by exceptional visuals

Whosrila, Rising talent on the Jamaican landscape

Rising Jamaican talent, WHOSRILA, has recently released his latest single, 'Gratitude,' produced by Jay Mark. This track is a seamless blend of Hip Hop and dancehall fusion, accompanied by an impressive music video.

WHOSRILA stands out not just for his musical prowess but also for his diverse creative background. As a Jamaican artist and ambassador for "Hip-hop," he is on a mission to share his unique perspective of the world through unprecedented ways. "my perspective of the world through sonics that strikes emotions in ways they’ve never experienced", he said.

Growing up with musically inclined parents exposed WHOSRILA to a rich tapestry of genres and sounds from an early age, fostering an appreciation for the profound influence of music on the world.

His discography boasts impactful singles like “Blue Notes,” the emotionally charged “For Me,” and an experimental project titled “Demo Tape,” all contributing to his vision of reshaping the music landscape.

WHOSRILA has collaborated with some of Jamaica’s most promising talents, including Iotosh, Circa Eleven, Universal Zincfence, and Kostal Kings. What sets him apart is his diverse creative background, having established himself as an acclaimed videographer and cinematographer before diving into music. This unique perspective informs his artistic endeavors, allowing him to synthesize creativity from various sources into a polished and nuanced product.


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