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Double-Drift deal for Teejay, where will it take his career?

After inking a deal with Warner Music, The 'Drift' Deejay is now has everything at his disposal to further his musical career. "music we a duh from long time and me hard work is finally paying off", he said

Just a short while ago in Manhattan at Warner music group, Steve Carless: President, A&R Warner Records, signed on dancehall’s biggest deal for the year with the Uptop Boss Teejay. This means double the drift for the UpTop Boss – Publishing administration and Recording.

Carless, who is the Label veteran music executive, film producer and entrepreneur, has defined the careers of multi-platinum-selling artistes like Jeezy and YG, Nipsey Hussle, Dave East and many more. He met Teejay at the inaugural Island Music Conference - IMC in Kingston, February, 2023. Teejay had sat on a panel and had also performed at the conference.

After the pre-summer drop and hit of TeeJay’s single “Drift”, a record deal was in the making. 'Drift', which is produced by the rising producers, DJ Mac and Panda, is currently one of the hottest songs in the global dancehall space, and also one of the summer anthems after became viral on TikTok with over 20 million views on songstats and myriad dance challenges, has blown up internationally.

L-R: DJ - Don James, Tom Corson – Co-Chairman and COO of Warner Records, Aaron Bay-Schuck - CEO and co-chairman of Warner Records, Judith Bodley - Publicist, Steve Carless - President, A&R Warner Records, TeeJay, Sharon Burke - Manager & Solid Agency Boss, Karen Kwak - Exec. VP and head of A&R Warner Records.

With a major double-Drift deal like this one and Warner machinery behind him, sky is the limit. Perhaps the greatest benefit of signing to a record deal is gaining access to the label's connections, resources, and funding pot. Established labels are able to provide their artistes with just about anything they need to further their music careers.

“Me Feel Good. music we a duh from long time and me hard work is finally paying off. this is just the start", said the dancehall star excitedly.

The double-Drift is the steal of a deal for the Solid Agency company Boss Sharon Burke after sifting through myriad offers and finally feeling at home with Warner. She is confident this is just the start for Teejay and that his attitude and commitment will take him to the top.

Teejay, "me hard work is finally paying off"

"It's no surprise that relentless work has paid off and it couldn’t have happened for a better artiste than Teejay, whose output is always at such a high level", said Solid Attorney Andrew Krents.

Solid Agency Boss Sharon Burke chuckles that the deal was only two weeks in the making after sifting through myriad offers and finally feeling at home with Warner. “Teejay will do well because he is a good artiste who is committed to the music and the journey to the top.”


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