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Which Song could Possibly Be The 2023 Summer Anthem?

The temperature is slowly increasing and we have already gotten some summer suggestions. Here are the artistes and songs that’s worth mentioning so far

Teejay, did he find the lead summer anthem? (Rickayla Mcneil)

May is already here and the sun and breeze signifies the change in weather conditions, so it's time to go out and check which singles will ignite the summer in the Caribbean and in particularly; Jamaica.

While Byron Messia emerges from the shadow, Teejay has again delivered and viral sensation 1Skimask has all the social media attention. Who will lead into the summer? Here are some notable bids for the lead 'Summer Anthem'.

Byron Messia - "Talibans"

Let's start with the fast-rising talent, Byron Messia who has by far one of the biggest songs in the dancehall space right now. The song blew up rapidly all over the Caribbean, with its slightly trappy-pop melodies and has already racked up over 16 million views on YouTube. You can't find a dancehall party locally or overseas currently, that this single is not prominently placed in the DJs’ playlists.

Teejay - "Drift"

Teejay's familiar melodic ability is back on this song which is already viral on popular social media platforms; Instagram & TikTok with its catchy dance routine. Numerous clips from the soon-to-be-released official music video have been seen on social media platforms and threaten to conquer the dancehall charts. The Glendevon-native artiste combines perfectly with the bouncy, firey trap beat which was produced by fast-rising producer, DJ Mac and Panda.

Teejay has already proven that his lyrical prowess, melody and flow combinations have created smash hits as he did with "Bitcoin" and "Rags To Riches" in the past couple of years and now Drift is already highly anticipated. This may just be the summer anthem that propels Teejay back to the top spot.

Teejay, threaten to conquer the dancehall charts (Kyro Smoke)

1Skimask - "Dawkniss"

Viral sensation, 1Skimask has recently hacked the business, so to speak; with his first hit song, stemming from a comedic viral video under his 'Valdomore' moniker. This strategic move has gotten him some musical fans to go along with his already huge comedian fanbase. The song plays routinely every night in Jamaica, with favorable responses every time. While this is his debut project in this entirely new market for him, this social media era makes it much easier to embark on new possibilities and rise to fame in music. With already over 1.5 million views on YouTube, the future looks bright for 1Skimask.

You can bet this list will grow in short order, especially with Dancehall talents such as Valiant, Skeng, Chronic Law, Ding Dong, Aidonia and many others premiering new music on a rapid basis. Who will conquer the summer? Time will definitely tell.


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