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DJ Mac teams up with Armanii & Kranium for a new sultry single; ‘Outside’

Burgeoning producer channels two of the smooth voices in the music industry for a new song aimed at the trending charts: “It’s like a mainstream, more vibes”

Armanii, showcases his smooth vocals once again (Rickayla Mcneil)

Burgeoning selector/producer, DJ Mac is one of the most intriguing and prolific names in the new age of dancehall. The producer made headlines recently after an alleged copyright dispute for Teejay's summer hit 'Drift', but Mac has since moved on and refocused on his productions.

The producer (born Jason McDowell) has once again produced a fine display with 'Still A Fight' featuring the rising talent Jquan and now he is bringing together two of the ladies' favorites artistes, Kranium who joins forces with the rising talent Armanii for a single titled 'Outside', which is a sultry R&B number with clear dancehall influences that showcase their artistry.

The song was co-produced by Mac & Sortout Records its a blend of dancehall vibes with pop-infused that matches the chill-out vibes, aimed more at the international market. "The song is like a mainstream more vibes, crowd charts type. all about summer fun", said DJ Mac about the track.

DJ Mac, continues to evolve (Tejano Taylor)

The rising Talent Armanii showcased his smooth vocals with his leading singles such as 'Wikid & Wild', 'Dunce Barbie' which has amassed 3.2 million views on Youtube and 'Innocent' featuring Valiant, while he used the success formula of his smash hit single 'Party Time' (with 9ine) to build up his own catalog.


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